Willing to work in Australia


I'm a 32 yo french man working in the PR / corporate communication field -  journalism also.
I'd like to work a few years in Australia and move there with my wife, who is a german French teacher.

How can I look for jobs in the communication fields or apply in embassies, consulates Commerce Chambers andn others institutions ?

I just don't know where to begin searching. i'm afraid regular jobsites are destinated to Aussies and not to foreigners.

TY in advance for your help.

pbeauville@gmail. com

try Seek.com.au or Careerone.com.au , while some of the applications are suited more to locals like myself but others are actually targeted specifically at foreigners. If you've got a trade or something like one, we in Aust., are in the middle of a skills shortage so you'll get visa's etc. in a snap.

thank u for your links, cjadelaide. On these sites, how do u spot or filter ads specially dedicated or opened to foreigners ?

I'm in a similar position.  I'm a Forensic Psychologist working as a drug counsellor in Athens, Greece.  Currently I'm doing my PhD.  I'm seriously considering after its completion to relocate to Australia to live and work.  I don't know how easy it my prove to have my qualifications assessed and recognised by the Australian Psychological Society. Then find a sponsored job in Victoria or Queensland.  What do you think, fellow-members? How much of hope do I have?:(

I have been in Melbourne twice and fallen in love with the city. Besides I have acquired my BSc and MSc in British Universities.The first important step is recognition of my qualifications. 

I would be grateful for any ideas. They are great support at the moment.

best regards


Kali mera,

You have very good chances of obtaining a visa. It's been a while since I examined the Migration Regulations, but I think you will receive more than enough points to qualify for as a skilled migrant (with or without sponsorship).
Some things that might be in your favour:
* Studying an undergraduate degree in a foreign language (i.e. Greek)
* Multi-lingual
* Post graduate study completed in Australia (are you doing your PhD in Australia?)
* A qualification as a medical professional (these are considered high-demand jobs by the government)
* Sponsorship by a local employer

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has a list of qualification assessors, you will need to ask them who would be suitable to assess your qualifications.

Go to http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/ and see what sort of visas might be applicable to your situation.

Good luck,


Kali mera Michael :)

Thank you very much for your encouraging reply. 
I wish I had good prospects to live and work in Australia.  I honestly adore the place:(  To make things clear as far as my academic qualifications are concerned: I have acquired my BSc and MSc with British universities (BSc (Hons) UK in Psychology with the Open University and MSc in Applied forensic Psychology with Leicester university). I'm doing my PhD in the Law School of the University of Athens in Greece.  The Australian Psychological Society ask for 6 years academic qualifications and my BSc and MSc are only 5.  Adding my PhD I think I will have no problem with the academic years.  They recognize 5 years provided you have about 150 days of supervised experience in the field.  I have many more, 5 years of supervised experience, to be precise. But not in a recognized by the APS institution in Australia or England.  Furthermore I have been workin in the field, as a drug counsellor since July 2006.  I don't know what all this might mean regarding my recognition.  And this is my major worry at the moment. Unless I get my qualifications recognized I can't apply for a vacancy in Australia, sponsored or not.

I don't know how age might be a problem.  I turn 48 next April.  I think this means I have to get sponsorship.  However, I'm going to carry out a detailed investigation in all this after I have submitted my thesis, which is not going to happen before the end of Januyary 2010. 

I appreciate your support, it is really very important for me.

I hope to hear from you