Software job market.... is it real?

I've read and heard that Software Engineering has a high demand in Australia, but I cannot find a lot of open positions out there... is it a myth? Or because of the low population there are just a few openings?

I cannot see too much presence of big corps there or if they have offices, it's only sales & marketing.

What can you tell me about the Software Market?

There are pockets of activity. However it's not usually attached to major software development houses.

Until a few years ago, Perth was booming, and consultancy services were grabbing up Software Devs like crazy to meet the demand for work. (Typically SharePoint or CRM development.)

A lot of this work has cut WAY back in the last couple of years. People have moved to Sydney and Melbourne, and to a lesser extent Adelaide. Melbourne has a few actual software development houses left.

As someone who has been in the software development market for a little over 20 years, I would be wary of moving to Australia for a software development job. (I life in Perth.) I have known a few people in recent years who have been out of work for 6 - 9 months.

Software (coding) has been moved to mostly indian/asian work shops (cheaper!) - not much coding left in Australia. There are a few software/coding websites/forums where you can offer your skills/work but only the cheapest got a chance. I would forget IT as such in Australia especially in a commercial sense.