Who can help me please?

I am a chinese middle age woman just moved to Sydney with tourist visa. Trying to look for a permanent job and wanted to settle down here.  Struggling with getting the working visa...can anyone advise me?  Sad....

I think you can go about this in one of two ways:
1. Find a job, with an employer who's willing to sponsor your working visa (duration of the visa can vary, but typically less than 4 years, and depends on contract period).
2. Apply for a skilled migrant visa.  This requires you going through the point system (120pts required).  This visa has no expiration date, and grants you permanent residency within Australia.

Hi Chatbox1024,

I wanted to comment on what you stated on your post. I myself was granted a skilled migrant visa. People might be confused to your statement that a skilled migrant visa has no expiration date. It actually does after 5 years of the grant date. If you never plan to leave Australia to travel internationally after 5 years, this may not affect you. It is true that as a permanent resident, you are allowed to live and work permanently in Australia. But if you leave Australia to travel after the 5 years grant date of your skilled migrant visa and want to return back to Australia, you will not be able to. Unless you get the Five Year Resident Return Visa.

Check out the following link to the Five Year Resident Return Visa (subclass 155). One main requirement in order to apply for this visa is that you must have resided in Australia for at least 2 out of the 5 years.


A person does not have to apply for 5 year Resident Visa if they plan to instead become an Australian citizen and do meet the requirements of becoming a citizen.

My bad.  Thanks for the corrected info.

I only read the first page of subclass 175.  Second page has what you stated: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general- … -works.htm

No problem Chatbox1024. I think each person that is granted a visa would be responsible to keep informed about the guidelines themselves by looking at immi.gov.au to be updated about any changes.

Hi mbubble:
What Chatbox1024 stated are the two options that I would also recommend.

My other recommendation would be check out the online job websites such as mycareer.com.au or seek.com.au and post for jobs that interest you and that you have the work experience that is required. I have read of people being sponsored by companies on this forum. But it seems to be mostly in nursing or the IT industry. It probably depends on what the company needs and if you have the skills and work experience that they need.

When you do searching on these job websites, you will often see recruiting companies. If you can't find a specific job for you - you can then be proactive and email one of the recruitment contact on a job posting for more information. Or register at those recruitment agency's website and submit your resume there too. Since you are on a tourist visa, you likely have multiple entry to the country but only for a specific consecutive time - ex. up to 3 months?  If that is the case, in addition to submitting a resume, you should add a cover letter stating you are in the country for the specific dates and available to be interviewed in person.

However, even if you have the required working visa, it doesn't guarantee that you can get a job due to a variety of reasons. This is in regards to the skilled working visa and not the sponsored working visa by a company.

thanks for your advise jb09. Yes, what you had mentioned I had all done it earlier.... not able to see a beam of light yet....sad


You will have to be patient. Most of the job postings that you see online are likely processed by recruitment agencies that have to select on the candidates that they will need to forward to the companies that hired them to research for candidates. This takes time.

Most of the job postings will say something like "candidate must be authorized to work in Australia".  For this reason, since you currently have a tourist visa, it's likely that your application maybe passed  on for another one that already has a visa that authorizes that other candidate to work in Australia. However, there are instances that people are recruited and the company will sponsor the working visa for that candidate. It all depends on the company and if you have the skills that they are looking for and you stand out from the rest.

Like I stated in my previous post, even if you have a working visa, it also doesn't mean it is easy to find a job. You are competing with many people as well.

If you have already have done everything that had been recommended, then you will need to just wait. Or try to get the skilled migrant visa on your own if you meet the qualifications. This will allow you to live and work permanently in Australia compared to a tourist visa that will require you to leave Australia after a certain time.

Hi jb09

Thank you very much.....yes... will have to wait....if I am lucky.....sad....


Please contact [moderated : no free ads on this forum, pls!] they are able to sponsor 457 work visa for either permanent or contract positions!

thanks Banda, i will try....cheers!

Dear mbubble,

I just landed in Sydney today, also on a WHV.
I landed 2 interviews just days before arriving here, have one on Friday (directly with a company) and another next Monday (recruitment agency). - I lucked out I guess!

To avoid wasting time, I had already told both parties that I am on a WHV, but is determined to stay here for the long haul. The recruitment agent told me her client would be willing to sponsor for the "perfect 10" candidate, and she wants to meet with me to discuss other job openings. I really think recruiters are trained to sense a job-seeker's motivation/attitude even just via the phone. So just be persistent, and think positive thoughts.

I am already grateful for the opportunity to even land an interview.

Let's both have some faith.
Keep all of us updated on your progress :)
Best of luck.


Hi thisissusanli,

I have often heard that people with working holiday visas can get jobs that easy after arrival. However, mbubble only has a tourist visa which does not allow her to work in Australia. But with you having a working holiday visa, you are able to work for up to year with no problem. That is why companies and recruitment agencies are readily able to interview people that hold that visa.

Yes, I believe being persistent and having positive thoughts will help. But I do believe the type of visa you hold determines how helpful some of these recruitment agencies will be. I was granted a PR visa and have not yet made the move to Australia. But as I was looking for jobs online, I decided to contact one of the recruitment agencies. The response I received was that it's difficult to get a job when you have not yet made a move to Australia. I don't think this is always true because I've heard about people being offered jobs and they haven't even visited Australia yet.

The person's tone on the email didn't seem very nice and wasn't willing to help. But it all changed after I told her what visa I had and that I was planning to visit this year. This person will try to set up interviews upon my arrival if it all works out. So I think getting the interview could be dependent on the person reviewing your resume.

In what area (marketing, engineering, IT, etc.) are you trying to get a job? Maybe someone on this forum can have some recommendation of a company or recruitment agency that targets the area you are looking to work in?  You can also search directly on each company's website to apply directly as well. Good luck!

firstly thanks to thisissusanli....glad that you have interviews waiting for you..good luck to you.

sincerely, thanks to jb09, appreciate your understanding and  are well aware that I am only holding a toursit visa. Really.., I am struggling to see my future in NSW. All along, I had been working in Administration and Secretarial support. Been assisting the top management and whole division someone like office all rounder...overseeing....for more than 12 years. Though my Diploma is in Engineering. I love cooking and take care of home.  Dream to be a homemaker taking care of family unfortunatly this modern world tells me I should be independant. So with only toursit visa, it will not allow me to stay long here.  I am still trying hard to apply job online however understand my kind of role is too common and believe hardly employer will have the time to provide me a sponsor working visa. Believe only if I am real lucky to meet one...oh...am now like a missing boat in an ocean. c.h.e.e.r.s..............:(

jb09/mbubble: AH! I apologize for this mistake. I wasn't reading properly regarding mbubble's visa type. Yes that does make things a little tougher on you, mbubble. Just a thought, maybe you can try to look for something that requires both Chinese/English language fluency, as this is a competitive advantage you have. Again, good luck and don't give up!!

thanks thisissusanli, yes I have not give up yet...had thought of making good use of my chinese however had not found any source yet......ch...e.e.rs...:(


Yes, I think with applying for administration/secretarial positions, I don't know how many companies are willing to sponsor candidates. I think these positions can mostly be filled by working holiday visa holders if they prefer. But since it looks like you have an engineering degree, have you tried focusing something related to this? 

If you didn't know, according to the Australian immigration website, engineers along with other professions - there is a shortage. You could specifically apply for the skilled migrant visa if the type of engineering degree you have was on the list. But since you didn't mention that you had any work experience, you might not qualify for the points required. The skilled migrant visa requires at least 3-4 years work experience in the field and you must be under 45 years old to apply.

Since you didn't mention that you worked as an engineer, I would think you would qualify for applying for an entry level job as an engineer. But I guess it depends on you if working as an engineer is something you are interested in doing. However, believe you will have a better chance of being sponsored if you can utilize your engineering degree and your ability to speak another language.

I'm emailing you a job posting that I saw that is a posting requiring an engineer that has Mandarin (Singapore/Malaysia Dialect). This might not exactly be a job that you are interested in or qualified to do. But there seems to be jobs out there in the technical field that requires being able to understand/speak different languages.  Maybe not a bad idea to contact the recruiter contact if there are other jobs that qualify having the ability to speak and understand  in a specific language.

many thanks jb09.  Yes, I had clicked into the link you provided...sad..it stated a valid working visa is required....(cry...!)......c.h.e.e.r.ssss.   : (  really appreciate your help...

Yes, that job posting that I sent to you does require a valid working visa. But that was just an example of the type of jobs that I think you could be qualified for that can utilize the ability of you to speak that language, engineering education, and a support role. Even though that support role was different than your personal work experience. Too bad that the posting didn't have an email for you to contact that recruiter rep shown on the posting. You could ask if there were similar jobs that required the language requirement that you could be qualified for if you send in your cover letter and resume. However, there is a phone number that you can call if you are interested.

If you look at some of the job postings, some of them are reposted to an extended date because it's likely... not enough people have responded to the ad. Or the company still has not found someone that they feel fits all the qualities they want,etc. As I stated before, I have heard of people getting sponsored for specific jobs. But this probably is for positions that require a specific skill.

Unfortunately, the type of jobs that you stated you have experience and are applying for is likely not an area most or if any companies will sponsor someone. I just say this because, those types of jobs, I believe they will have an abundant number of candidates that could do the job just with the locals. They may sponsor someone that was on a working holiday visa and worked for them for the year. The company would be able to better evaluate the person's performance after that. But quite difficult to determine that in the beginning.

I am not sure how sponsored visas work and if the company actually pays for all the costs in order for the employee to get a visa. If they pay for all those costs, then you have to put yourself in the company's shoes. They have to determine, is it worth for them to sponsor this person? Does the person have the skills the company requires and will this person stay with them,etc? 

Yes, I am sure you are pretty sad about the current situation. But you did know when you applied for the tourist visa that this would not allow you to work in Australia. You are really not losing anything except the time and money you have invested when moving to Australia?  This might be a different sad story if you did have a working visa and was unable to find a job. If you do some research in the internet, there are many people in this situation. They have the working visa, education, and work experience. But some responses of people that have posted their situation show that some companies want the applicant to have some work experience in Australia. However, how can someone have work experience in Australia when they just arrived in the country? 

In your situation, you have to be more persistent and proactive in trying to find a job that a company can sponsor you compared to others that have working visas. Check out the website immi.gov.au in the area about list of occupations that companies can sponsor people based on the occupation.

Maybe do some networking with local expat groups or Asian groups that maybe able to offer some advice. I have heard that sometimes, people are able to find jobs by networking,etc.

Since I don't know how long you are able to stay for this visit, I believe you have other options that were originally recommended by Chatbox1024 when you return home:

1) You stated you already have an engineering degree. Maybe try to get a job in this area and
work for 3-4 years and then apply for the Skilled Independent Migrant Visa if you meet the other requirements and can reach 120 points documented. If you get approved, you will get a permanent residence visa. This will allow you to live and work permanently in Australia. I believe you can work in any industry after you obtain this if you aren't able to get a job in your specified area. If you want to go back to working in the administration and secretarial support field, you can.

2) Apply for a student visa to study in Australia in a field that will assist you later being able to be sponsored in the area you want to get a job. I believe with this visa, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. However, doing this route will be expensive since working 20 hours a week would likely not be enough to pay for the tuition, books, room and board,etc.  I think you are expected to provide documentation that you would be able to support yourself financially.

Good luck and try to have a positive attitude.

wow...jb08, many thanks to you. noted all and am staying postitive and hope good luck will come to me soon.  cheers!  :)