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Hi there
I'm Srivani from Bangalore,India. Working in a MNC in the field of Software . Recently I have received my PR for Australia.   As a first step I'm  planning to take a break for 8 weeks from my current job  to visit and explor Sydney to job hunt.  I would want some guidance on prework for this and any tip on how I can make this trip more fruitful, accomodation info , just any piece of advise you think would help me would be highly appreciate.
Looking fwd for responses

hi mate,
I've just been in Sydney since last 2 weeks, and I'll be here in more 8 wks.
After working hour, I don't know what to do to kill the boring time. So, it'll be good for making friend and talking to improve my english. But I don't know how to make friend with people here. Almost people come to Syd for working and then they'll back to their town in the evening. It seems that their are almost traveller and night-worker stay in Syd at night, except very rich guys.

Hello Srivani.

Welcome to! :)

Do not hesitate to read the various articles in the Australia participative guide. It could help in your research.

Thank you,

it is just a brave move to leave your current job and take this step to discover your self abroad, share with us please every experience as i am going to have this move very soon.

O sure. Will share every bit.   I hope its going tp be a pleassnt one :-)

Thank you Aurélie for the tip :-)

Welcome to Sydney Srivani.

Thank you Brownies. I wonder what the job markets are doing at the moment. Can anybody throw some lights?

I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago. I followed my fiancé to France where I am currently. He has an opportunity to go to Sydney Australia. We will be moving in January 2013. I would like to get some information before we arrive on the place, the culture, daily life, expenses, living spaces, flights to Trinidad ect……