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I am looking for job in Australia, I am basically Mechanical Engineer, I have done Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, then Post Diploma in Foremenship (maintenance Engineering), Then I have done B.Tech after B.Tech I have done M.Tech from IIT Delhi, Now I am at final stage of PhD (specialization in Performance improvement of Titanium Machining) from IIT Delhi.....I am wanted to work few years outside India...if any body come across any openings related to mechanical engineering area...please let me know.....

Any openings for Mechanical Engineer ---Manufactring Field in Asydeny

Best you see if you qualify for a visa this will give you all the inforamtion you require

Hi Andriya,

Please check out , , and (professional networking that you will need to join in order to view. it is free).  From the internet that I'm not really familiar with is: … ralia/ALL?

FYI for what I've read in other postings and in the internet. Majority of job postings require that you have an Australian working visa. However, you can still apply if you prefer and if you happen to have the skills and expertise they are looking for, they can provide a sponsored visa.

It is getting harder and harder to get a 457 visa to work in Australia. The govt here is cracking down on them as companies are rorting the system so the Govt is now making it much harder to get a 457 visa. 
Unless you have a myriad of qualifications and experience it is hard to apply for jobs online as the companies like to have face to face interviews with prospective employees.

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I am an Algerian student and I completed my Master the last week, now I'm interested in Australia but I have no idea for this country or how or what I do I do for this country.
I have no knowledge and I want you to help me with this if you want by what I think you have the experience there that can help me.
here is my skype if you want to speak with me or to contact me anytime.


With no work experience you will not have any luck finding a job in whatever profession you are seeking in Australia. 

I suggest you go online to and see if you can get a working holiday visa.

That way you will get to see Australia, work around the country, give you an idea of the people etc. Then from this newly acquired knowledge you can work out whether you wish to apply for a visa to settle here.

Thank you Stumpy for your help :) , and i want to ask Fiona how can you help us and how we can contact you? please give me something for you to contact you.

Thank you;


I would suggest that you go online to the website I suggested and do the application yourself.
Agents will do the same,cost you money and there is no guarantee of a visa or a job.
If you do the application yourself and you are unlucky enough not to get a visa or a job then you have not paid out money to an agent to do the same thing.


         i am looking for employment in adelaide and went to some of the employment agencies, all have the same reply go and search the internet and apply,i have sent job applications to more than 100 so far no reply,directly i cannot approach employers if then
how will i get employment. i am very disappointed and disturbed.
moreover Adelaide job market is down, there are only very few
recruitment's. i am looking for office job is there anybody to help


To be brutally honest you will not find a job anywhere in Australia. There is high unemployment here in Australia and office jobs can be filled by locals.
That is why you never hear back from any of your applications.

I'm Nakayemba Dorothy two years experience in medical field, dream to serve Australians, midwife.

I request for your help


Best you check out the Australia Guide located at the top of this page under Discover.

A Google search will find jobs too.