How to develop a social circle in Sydney

How to develop a social circle in Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 09:08

One of the hardest ordeals of relocating to a whole new country can be how to start anew with building a social circle and finding yourself a group of friends. Moving to Australia for business or work, education purposes, or even with a spouse, chances are you will find yourself in a situation where you barely know anybody else, which can be somewhat tricky.

Relocating to another country can be frightening for a plethora of reasons, be it the language barrier, the atmosphere, the way of life or insufficient knowledge you could have about your new home. If these are things one is prepared for, the one thing they often overlook is how to make friends and how the lack, therefore, will impact their new life abroad.


Volunteering is the best option to start with, for expats. Volunteering is a win-win situation. You get the chance to support a decent cause, give back and meet new individuals at the same time. Regardless of how much time you are able to commit, there are many commendable organizations that need both, occasional volunteers for specific events or need individuals all the time. In case you are keen about volunteering, reaching NSW Volunteering or The Center for Volunteering would be the best choices to start. They can support and put you in touch with associations that will suit your timetable and capabilities.


Try to take part in festivals or events happening around, as this will help you in touch base with the local culture, traditions and last but not the least people. These would also help you meet others with similar interests. You can start up a discussion with anybody at any networking occasion you will be more than welcomed in Sydney.


There are handfuls of social gatherings you would be able to find on social media, in which you can participate. Depending on your interests, you will find a plethora of events from sports, speciality clubs, languages. A lot of them are also generally free or of minimal cost. If it so happens that you do participate in a gathering and don't get along with the group, do not worry, keep going until you find something.

Find people with similar interests

Introverts often find it nerve-wracking to appear at a meetup or event where they do not know anybody. Don't forget, you are not the only expat or newbie here and will surely be able to find other individuals with similar hobbies, interests, academic background...

The workplace

A portion of expats finds companions in Sydney through work. Work environments are usually very casual with snacks or drinks or even have lunch in the lunchroom rather than at your work area. It is a wonderful way to make friends.


Joining a gym, or a boot camp or yoga is a fun way to remain fit and meet more people, as they regularly have get-togethers.

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