Latino/Hispanic Community in Sydney?


I'm Matt, and will be travelling across to Sydney in Jan 2012 on a 457 Visa.

I will be working for a company in North Ryde and hope to locate somewhere commutable to that location.

My longterm girlfriend is Colombian and will be coming with me, although she is excited about coming over, she can be pretty shy. I'm thinking that it may be logical to try and position ourselves somewhere where she can befriend people perhaps of her own nationality or at least Spanish speakers which will give her the confidence she might need to begin with.

Does anyone know roughly where there would be a Latino/Hispanic Community in Sydney? Or maybe a suburb that attracts spanish speakers to dine/drink/socialise etc.

Any advice would be great!

Thank you in advance.

Just google spanish community sydney

and you'll have some good ideas :)

Thanks :)

I did try that but didn't really come up with anything definitive. I need some hands on direct advice!

Hi there-
As an American who speaks Spanish (it's a necessity in the USA!), I was eager to find the same type of community, but in the years that I've been in sydney, I have yet to find such a thing.  I have found that there are quite a few South American university age students that come through on 6-12month work or school visas but since it's so temporary, it's hard to say if there's really a community that supports them.  When I was working at the speedo store in the Bondi Junction mall, that's where I met most of the south american university students - my guess is that since they were all from Rio De Janeiro, they wanted to be as close to Bondi Beach and the beach life as possible.  May be a good place to check into.   

As far as food/culture/socializing - let me know if you do end up finding it, because I'm craving good south american/brazilian/central american/mexican/cuban/puerto rican (I know they are significantly different but I'm not picky- I am desperately missing some good food!!!) and would love to know if it's out there and I've been missing it....

PS...I've lived in Pyrmont (near CBD) in Manly (another beach town on north shore) and in Neutral Bay - and haven't seen much in the way of what you're looking for.  Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots??? Sorry.....

Keep us updated on your progress!

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For those interested, the dominant latino and spanish community in Sydney is definitely the eastern beaches near the city like Bondi, Bronte and Coogee. Plenty of latino parties, bbqs on the beach, backpackers and visa workers (especially brazilians, chiliens). I have met latinos in this part of sydney on sponsorship too, so more permanent workers. They love this part of sydney because they can live near the beach and get plenty of temporary/permanent work for decent pay
A Chilien smartly suggested to me that maybe alot of this community doesnt come up on Sensus data (and therefore officially a latino community or much on the internet) because they are not permanent citizens. Maybe the permanent ones are more spread throughout the city and not in a specific area