Gastronomy in Melbourne

gastronomy in melbourne
Updated 2019-05-28 12:17

It is no secret that Melbourne is very famous for its excellent food and first-rate on coffee. A deeply multi-cultural city, Melbourne has a variety of authentic restaurants that are a must, and no matter what you are in the mood for, you are guaranteed a good meal and a great coffee in Melbourne.

Food and coffee scene

The food scene in Melbourne is something all Melbournians are proud of. Without fail, you can go out in Melbourne and grab a satisfying meal. Different areas zone different cuisines; China town for the best Chinese food, Lygon street for Italian food, Johnston street for Spanish food, Oakleigh for Greek food, and authentic Ethiopian food in Footscray. You can find foodie pockets throughout Melbourne, with each area bringing their own flavour to the dishes they serve. Melbourne is also well known for its vegan scene, with plenty of events and great places to eat to accommodate any vegan.

Coffee is another Melbourne gem. Melbourne baristas are some of the most accomplished in the world, always looking to try out new techniques when it comes to coffee. Whether you want a latte, flat white, cappuccino, long mac, short mac, long black, long black with a side of warm milk, long black with a side of cold milk, or a ½ strength, soy latte, Melbourne has it all. Check out some of the best coffee joints throughout Melbourne including Monk Bodhi Dharma where you can buy a cup of coffee for $100!

Popular dishes

Melbourne has an array of favourite dishes due to its multi-cultural food scene. One of the most popular dishes, however, is a brunch meal. 'Smashed avocado' is simple and delicious; avocado mashed with some cheese (usually feta or goat's cheese) on toast with a side of eggs. You will find this brunch item done in a variety of ways on almost every café menu in Melbourne.

You can't come to Melbourne and not try an authentic Greek souvlaki. As Melbourne is the second biggest city for Greeks, you're bound to find a good one, well priced also! Try Very Good Falafel in Brunswick, or Kalimera Souvlaki Art where you can get a $9 pork souvlaki in the heart of Oakleigh, a Greek suburb. One of the best dishes you will find throughout Melbourne is a good hearty Pho. With a big Vietnamese population in Melbourne, Pho bars and restaurants are scattered throughout. Try I Love Pho in Richmond for a generous bowl of Pho for $10.

Must try list

There are some musts for anyone living in Melbourne when it comes to food. Restaurants that have been around for a while, are always busy, and never disappoint. From fancier places to cheap thrills, there is something for everyone. The musts include:
Cutler & Co
Stokehouse (go on a sunny day and watch the sunset over the beach)
Cumulus Inc.
Chin Chin
Café Di Stasio
Good Times
Smith & Deli
Hotel Jesus
Touch Shop Take Away (for Melbourne's best burger
Naked for Satan
Leonard's House of Love

When it comes to areas for food and coffee, there a few you can't miss, and just by wandering in the area, you will stumble on some great eateries. With all its secret laneways and hidden eateries, in the CBD of Melbourne, you are bound to find good food at every corner. Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is lined with fantastic bars and restaurants, all serving exceptional food. Sydney road in Brunswick will give you authentic cuisines at a very decent price, and Richmond has some of the best and cheapest Vietnamese food in Melbourne, while Carlton will serve you up some great Italian food.

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