Leisure activities in Melbourne

Leisure in Melbourne
Updated 2019-05-28 14:10

Melbourne has a lot going on, both weekdays and weekends. Whether you are looking for a park to picnic in, laneways to explore, beaches to swim at, bars and restaurants to eat at, or art galleries to visit, Melbourne has it all. As Melbourne is a big city, you are not limited to weekends as every day of the week will hold something exciting and entertaining.

Weekdays in Melbourne

Melbourne is a busy city, with 2.9 million tourists arriving in Victoria in 2017. This means every day/night of the week will offer something fun to do. The best thing about discovering Melbourne on a weekday is the reduced crowds. As most people are at work during the week, this gives you an excellent opportunity to visit very popular places and enjoy them with a bit more peace and quietness.

Check out the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) which has multiple collections on, some for free during the week. You can walk over to the famous laneways of Melbourne which house many busy restaurants and cafes and is always an enjoyable day out. Crowds are dense here, so weekdays are the best time to visit. Federation Square is a hub for major attractions and tourism experiences including exhibitions, morning meditations, and art collections. These usually run daily, so a weekday is a perfect time to check out a number of these events.

One of the best things to do in Melbourne during the week is to go out in the city for dinner. As Melbourne is well renowned for its excellent food and trendy restaurants, it can be time-consuming trying to eat at popular restaurants on the weekends due to the crowds. However, if you visit these places during the week, you are guaranteed a seat. Excellent restaurants in the city include Chin Chin, Movida, Mamasita, Miznon, The Meatball & Wine Bar, Cumulus Inc, and Tonka.
Always check out shows and events at the Arts Centre which has multiple things going on, such as the ballet, comedy shows, and theatre. Keep an eye out for cheap tickets during the week where you can sometimes pay half price.

Weekends in Melbourne

The weekend brings crowds of people out and about. One of the most popular things to do in Melbourne on a Saturday or Sunday morning is to brunch. Melbourne is famous for its attractive, organic, and utterly delicious brunches. But be prepared to line up (or get there early) and spend a bit of cash. But it is worth it. Great brunch places in Melbourne include The Galleon in St Kilda, Touchwood in Richmond, The Wall in St Kilda East, Spout in Ripponlea, Archie's All Day in Fitzroy, and Lux Foundry in Brunswick. A stroll through the Queen Victoria market is always a good idea early on a Saturday morning to pick up fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish for the coming week.

If the sun is out and the weather is mild one of the best places to go in Melbourne is one of the many gardens. Filled with people picnicking, playing ball, listening to music, or just hanging out, the gardens are a must on the weekends. Depending on where you are, the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne's centre are outstanding and offer a walking path around the whole garden. There is also the Blessington Gardens in St Kilda, the Fitzroy Gardens in East Melbourne, and Werribee Park in Werribee which are also very worth visiting. The Merri Creek which is in the North of Melbourne houses some great walks which can take up to two hours and is a lovely pastime for a Saturday afternoon.

Of course, a Friday or Saturday wouldn't be complete without hitting one of Melbourne's trendy bars. For a Friday night drink head to the CBD where the energy of the finished work week soaks through the city. A Saturday night is well spent on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy with numerous bars and pubs to keep anyone busy. Make sure to head to Naked for Satan's rooftop where you can get a panorama view of the whole city.

Lastly, don't forget the beach. Whether you want to watch the sunset at St Kilda beach and soak up the energy of the crowd or go for a walk along Hampton or Sandringham beach, the weekend is a great time to enjoy the city beaches. In the summer, head to Half Moon beach in Beaumaris for a swim.

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