How to look for long term housing in Melbourne


My family and I will be moving to Melbourne in April.
I will be relocating from Japan and start work in the city.
Having stayed in a tiny apartment for such a long time, we really would like to stay in a house for a change.
Any advise on how/where to look for a home for 4 (two young children accompanying). We'd like to stay away from the city if possible, with easy access to the city.


Hello -dav-

There are a few questions that you may wish to consider before deciding upon where to live in Melbourne.  Once you have answered these, it may be easier in which to decide where you wish to live.

1. Where will you be working ?
2. Will you be driving to work or catching public transport ?
3. Will your children be attending playgroup/kindergarten/school and would you like to live close by ?
4. Do you wish to live within walking distance to shops, parks, schools etc. ?
5. How long do you wish to spend travelling to and from work ?

There are many areas in Melbourne which are great to live in, so answering these questions may help to choose one of these.

A website in which to start looking at properties is or  I assume you wish to rent ?