Indoor and outdoor activities in Sydney

Indoor and outdoor activities in Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 08:43

You might think that nature in Sydney is all about its coastline, but that's not the case. The city has much more to offer to nature lovers and the outdoors become even more pleasant thanks to the mild climate. From relaxing in parks and gardens to hiking and other exciting activities, there is so much to do in Sydney that you will be having to find time from your busy schedule.

Nature activities

Sydney guarantees an exciting adventure for expats with many more leisure activities than you might have imagined. You can start by exploring its natural beauty with numerous parks and gardens and eventually turn to more exciting activities like diving in dazzling blue waters, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, trekking pathways, and many more.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens has been essential to Sydney's survival and provides a value-added experience for the expats. If you're ready to get out of your comfort zone, get on a cruise ship to explore Manly Cove which is the perfect spot to spend some time away from the bustling coastline. You can also enjoy the cool surfing areas and the impressive Sea Life Aquarium with giant sharks.

A stroll from Bondi Beach to Coo gee will give you breathtaking waterfront views and a lungful of rejuvenating fresh air to breathe in. Try to take the stroll on a weekday, as it is usually crowded on the holidays and the weekends. If you prefer a quiet place to relax under the sun after a trekking trail, head to Bronte Beach. This sandy heaven is bordered by some of the most favourite bistros and eateries in Sydney, so consider spending a whole day there.

Horse riding

Horse riding is another popular activity in Sydney, allowing you to explore its beauty in an amazing way. With trained steeds and horses for both adults and children, you won't have to figure out how to ride a pony in the heart of the city in the dazzling Centennial Parklands or at Hinterland.

Sports activities

Sydney's calendar is full of exciting sports activities. Alongside cricket, rugby and football, State of Origin Rugby competition has a lot of fans. Racing, golf, motorsports, cruising, surfing are other popular sports in Sydney with clubs and playgrounds all around. Regarding water sports, besides diving and snorkelling, you can choose from paddle boarding, kayaking. And why not go cruising on Sydney Harbor? How about moving around the harbour in a jet boat, or visiting Cables Wake Park? Have you ever thought of wakeboarding on the Hawkesbury River? You can also try a breathtaking fishing experience.


Bike Tours offers Sydney's most affordable bike rental contract. With their vast armada of trailblazing bicycles, cruisers, couples and child's bicycles, there is something for everyone.


Indoor skydiving is the most recent in real life adventure sports in Sydney. It is guarded for children, energizing for adolescents, exciting for grown-ups and authentic for skydivers. It is a challenge to take at least once in a lifetime.

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