Going out in Sydney

Hi there,

Which are your 10 favorite places to go out in Sydney?

Which places would you recommend to newcomers? (restaurants, pubs, discos, theaters, cinemas, concert halls...)


Cinema~ any greater union/events cinema brand - theres one in George st, sydney, but also many around sydney and aus.
Cost: 15 for adults 11 for children or $9 on 'cheap tuesdays'

Shopping~ chatswood westfield shopping centre, but my local is castle towers shopping centre.

the ivy
(George st)
cost:free entry
Tips: go early and dress fancy. Not good for over 30, 35 Max, and if you don't look rich don't expect much attention.

Chinese laundry-
Cost: $15/25 after 11pm
off Clarence st under the slipp in(great for drum and bass nights and just dancing all night long)
Tips: take photos of the real laundromat and also take photos of you and friends in front of graffiti wall upstairs!

The empire hotel-
Near the end of the strip in kings cross (darlinghurst road).
Cost: free
Tips: good for a quick drink and dance before hitting real clubs- it has a dancing stage if you want to make a scene and plays music with video clips, some 80s and 90s funny stuff that you can dance around to as well as modern chart hits.

$5 - $20 pp or share!
Jap: sakae
middle of Liverpool st, sydney
Tips: try the 'tokikara chicken' -it is japans version of healthy kfc!

Sushi bay, chatswood, top of brown st
Cost: $2.50 - $7 a plate
Tips: go on a Thursday evening and go to the markets in Victoria ave also!

Chatswood westfield on Thursdays till late
Cost: $7-$9
Tips: theyr worth the wait in line!

Max brenners chocolate bar:
Corner of margaret st, closest to wynyard station
Cost: varies
Tips: have the tutti frutti waffles for 2! $16.50 and comes w 2 waffles drizzled w chocolate, ice cream, strawberries, banana pieces!

Will edit if I think of more :)