Where can I watch English Premier League matches live in Sydney?

If anyone knows of any good places, that would be great:) Cheers

I think you can find an english pub in Sydney ;)  Try on google maps

If you are a Spurs fan then the Triple Ace pub on Elizabeth Street is the place to be

Otherwise in the CBD the cheers bar is a bit touristy but will show the EPL. Most bars that are open during live english football hours that have a tv will probably show it - depends where you are living

Unfortunatley there does not seem to be an expat group here that meets up to watch the footie


It took me a little while to find some good places to go. I agree Cheers bar is good but a bit touristy. There's  a fair few that show the English Premier League in Sydney though including The Forbes, Scruffy Murphy's, Jackson's on George. BBMLive.com EPL Guide has a pretty solid list of places that show the games so check that out as well : bbmlive.com/football/watch-english-premier-league-live-sydney.html

mmounty, have a look at this website:


it will list a heap of venues where you can watch your beloved league.  Enjoy!

There's a great website  BBMLive.com. Its run by the guys from British Balls Magazine, who most of the expats in Oz would know.
Here's a link to the sports bars pages. While you're there don't forget to check out the jokes. bbmlive.com/Sydney-Bars/sports.html

Do u guys know any great bar for Manchester United fan?