Best souvenirs I can buy from Australia?


Im flying tomorrow to australia for a short vacation.

I'm jus wondering if anyone could tell me what are the best souvenirs I can buy from Australia that I can bring back to UK without having trouble with the border agencies (been watching too much telly:Australian border agency).  And where is the best place i can get them from..For sure i know cant bring back kuala or kangaroos =)

An honest advice would be much appreciated. Thanks guys for your help..=)

Australia is famous for their farming industry, so I think sheep skins are really nice as alternatives for normal carpets. Or you can use them on your couch, car seat or for babies.

Ugg boots are great for cold winter. A lot of them are fashionable too.

Lanoline oil is very cheap. You can use them as moisturiser for your face, body or hands. I quite like them myself and use them alternatively with expensive skin care products.

There are MANUKA honey good for health.

You can not bring koala back but you can bring toys back.

You can find them in souvenir shops. Those in China town are quite reasonably priced.