A respaced fish expert's visit of the Sydney Aquarium

Updated 2011-03-28 13:12

I just like Aquariums. Or fish in general. Whenever I visit a place and there’s a cool aquarium you can bet I’ll check it out. My grandpa had a big fish tank, so going to pet stores and buying fish/plants are part of my childhood memories. I have had two fish tanks in my life so far and my ex-boyfriend thought it was so cool that he himself got one, too.  

Chicago Aquarium

Wow, that sounds geeky. I am also a fish lover when it comes to food. I love Sushi. What I am trying to say is: I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to Aquariums and fish. I liked the Sydney Aquarium, but I think I've seen better ones (i missed the dolphins. I'm such a girl). Anyway, I have to say: The Sydney Aquarium had quiet an impact on me ;)

Shaaaarks. I actually HATE sharks. But I think I changed my mind today. From all the animals I saw today (you can find 'little penguins' in Sydney!!! So sweet! And lots of cool colorful fish)

The "little penguins"

- I found the sharks as the most attractive ones.


A little bit of sharks' history:

Until the 70'ies people didn't really know about sharks, but thanks to television sharks got the reputation of 'man eaters' (apparently not true. About 3 people a year are killed by sharks. PEANUTS). A 'Let's kill the man eaters and have shark soup' trend evolved.

Cool for the people (some entertaining shark movies were produced). Not so cool for the sharks.

Today the population of sharks has declined tremendously and many species are considered as endangered.

The Aquarium in Sydney is the only place in the world where sharks are breeded and released! So far, the aquarium has done it with 17 sharks. Impressing, isn't it?

Sounds like I'm starting to like sharks. Eeehhh well'¦ don't wanna meet them outside of an aquarium anyway.

So what do you think about sharks ' did I convince you to feel sorry for them or do you rather feel like having a bowl of shark soup?

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