Mauritius to Australia

I would like one day to live in Australia what about the process for living

They are looking for outside worker at the moment - especially for building & construction. It is easier to find a person to sponsor you for a job first. You can google sponsorship jobs & apply from here. You will need basic English skills & have more of a change if you have some kind of qualifications.

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Hi Jason,

It's not easy to get PR in Australia, however there are options

  1. If you have qualifications in an area that is in demand you may be able to emigrate. Check the Australian Embassy website for a list of in demand occupations.
  2. If you go as a student, after completing your course you may be able to get a work visa and then apply for PR if you have chosen the right course that allows these options.
  3. Workers are desperately needed in the rural industries and work visas are easily obtained if you live in certain countries.

These are only suggestions that you can research. I suggest you go to the Australian embassy in Port Louis. It is located in the same building as the US embassy.

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Please note that this thread is now on the Australia forum since the OP wants to move here.

Thank you everyone for the infos provided.

@ Jason Noemie, you can also read the Living in Australia guide for expats for first hand infos.

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