Moving back to Australia after living in London

Hi all.  Apologies if there is already another forum on here dedicated to this topic.

I've been in London for 4.5 years and have made the decision to move back home to Australia this September.  It's not something I want to do, I love London and could live here for the rest of my life, however my mum is unwell (long term illness)and to make this a really soppy post..I feel I'd regret not going back and spending time with her now while she is still well enough to go out and do things.

Unfortunately, I have to sacrifice my visa to work in the UK and due to age and other factors, I wont have the option to return to the UK to work again. Unless a nice young pommy would like marry me...any takers?  ha ha ha

It will be a challenge settling back home as most of my friends are married, have kids or coupled up.  I guess it will be like starting again...job, car, money, friends.

Does anyone have any top tips for adjusting to life down under?

Welcome on nicthetraveller,

I am indeed very sorry to read about your mum illness. :(

I think it won't be that difficult for you to readjust to your homeland, since you have already lived there before! What do you think?

However, concerning employment I think it can be difficult at the beginning. Honestly, I admire your courage for your prompt decision and I seize this opportunity to wish you all the best in your home land.



Best advice is to approach it the same way you did going to London. You'll have your honeymoon period, and you'll have a time when you regret it. People won't be that interested in your 'London phase' either, which can be disheartening.

Are you moving to a city, or the country?


Hello nicthetraveller,

I have recently returned back home to Australia, after spending 2.5 years in England. Just like you, I made the decision to return due to my mum/grandparents health.

I will honestly tell you that I am struggling! I am already thinking when to go back next. I especially miss London! Do you have any tips or advice?


I've been back for nine months now. It's getting easier as the time goes on. My best advice is keep yourself busy. It's like when a relationship ends. lol. Concentrate on making new friends to get out and about with and catching up with old friends. Get a job that you're happy in, a stable income (finances can be stressy) and plan more travel. Set some goals (maybe save for a house/car) and organise things to look forward to! Since I've been back, I've been on a trip to China and Hong Kong. I have Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam coming up in February, a weekend in Melbourne in March and hopefully a South Pacific Cruise for a week in May and it doesn't stop there. I'm not talking five star, these are all budget trips! I've joined to meet new friends (many of mine have other priorities - house, kids etc)with common interests. I go on day trips, concerts/bands, dinner/drinks. It's unfortunate that we have family members who are unwell. You did an amazing, selfless thing by moving back. I like to live with our regrets - I love London and could have lived there forever... But I would have never forgiven myself for not spending time with my Mum while she was well enough, or spending time with the rest of my family for that matter while they are still here. Hang in there. It does get easier! :-)

Thank you so much for your advice! I've now signed up for, and I've booked tickets to Sydney to see Swedish House Mafia, and am trying to make new friends! Funnily enough, I miss the rain, so I am planning to visit Hobart in July!

London will always be there, who knows how long our loved ones will be here for! One day we might end up moving back.

I hope that your Mum is doing well!
Thanks Again! :)

Hi all. I lived in the UK (London then Bath) for 16 years and returned to Australia in 2007 as my parents were in their mid-70s and I'd hardly seen them. I can't deny that it's been the toughest, most alienating 6 years of my life but in hindsight I'm glad I did it. I've re-connected with my folks and taken a career change. I think the most important thing you can do when you've lived a lengthy stint overseas and feel that ever-present sense of displacement is take it one step at a time and - as someone said earlier - keep yourself as busy as possible. But equally important is not to make cultural comparisons, hard as it is. I'm really happy now, living in Brisbane a tranquil Queenslander with my little dog working from home. However, all said and done, I know I belong in the UK so I'm making plans to return in 2015 for good. It's a scary thought, especially with the logistics of taking my ex-RSPCA one-eyed wonder dog Max with me. But I'm 44 now and life is short and I have to follow my heart. Each time I return to England to see friends I feel so grounded and connected to the world. And I miss the cold.

Don't let me put you off staying in Australia and learning to love it again. We're all different. In fact, my Brit friends in Sydney never intend to leave. But if you're like me and have 100% conviction behind you then - passport or visa and finances allowing - the world is your oyster ;-)