Emigrating to Australia with a child who has Downs Syndrome

Just in the process of researching emigrating to Australia. My husband and i have 4 beautiful kids our third little boy has Downs syndrome although this is nothing to be sorry for he is a picture of health and means the world to us along with his two brothers and sister.
My question is to any one who may be able to help - are you a family that has already emigrated to australia who has a child with Downs. I desperately need to talk to anyone with expreriences they can share.
We have a fantasitic support network for our son in England what view or support does the Australian government take on children with downs especially with regards to immigrant families? Are we going to find that more barriers are put in our way?

If anyone can help i will be eternaly greatful

Many thanks
Lisa :)

Welcome Lisa,

I've moved your topic to the living in Oceania forum. I hope somebody in Australia will be able to give responses to your questions.

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Hello Lisa,

There have been a number of cases of visa applicants with downs syndrome. Some do get through and some don't. The decision will very much depend on the personal circumstances of the child and the prognosis for the future.

This will be a case where as initial assessment from an Australian doctor who specialises in migration medical opinions would be very useful. Please email me if you would like more information, I will be happy to recommend a doctor who is based in Australia and who regularly provides which kind of assistance.

Veronika :)

Hello Veronica

I am new to the forum and am really interested in your advice you offered the other member re emigration.

My husband meets the criteria for independent skilled visa 175 but we now think it is not work going forward as our son has Down's syndrome and we have been advised he will automatically be refused by the medical assessor.

Andy advice info on this would be very much appreciated as we are absolutely gutted about this and don't want to give up if there is a chance of success.

Is there anyone out there who has succeeded or know of anyone who has under the same circumstances.

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Lynn,

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I think you should start a new discussion on the Australia forum. Thank you.

hi my grandson is down syndrome,he was born with many medical needs,fortunatly over the years all have been corrected,he has no medical needs any more and no medication to take,he does walk but has a wheelchair when he gets tired,he does go to a special needs school,my partner was offered an amazing job he is a skilled worker in marine construction,i couldnt go without my grandson,and after being told that he would be turned down,i decided to stay,1year later my partner has been offered an even better job as a highly trained skilled worker,i have decided to find out for myself if my grandson would be turned away or he can come and stay,and his mother,i am myself a trained carer,its my dream to live by the sea but i just cannot go without him,anybody any advice,would be appreciated


   I have a brother who live in with his family in Africa,he has three kids,but his first kid as down syndrome,he told me lately he will like to move his family to Australia,which he needs information from me on how he can go about it,because he does not want to live the his son with down syndrome behind.pls kindly inbox me with valuable information on how and what provision does Australia Government have for kids living with Down syndrome. thanks & GOD BLESS

my Email is tomfly123[at]yahoo.com i will glad with the right information.thanks

Hi Veronica!

I also have a similar situation.  I have two children and the younger one who is one year and six months old has down syndrome. As you advised Lisa to have an initial assessment done by an Australian doctor, my question is can I get it done here in Dhaka by the doctors who perform medical examination for the applicants for immigration in Australia.

Many thanks


I typed my query in Google and your comment came up.

We were living in Australia and left to have our baby boy.

Jakob was born with down syndrome.

We are now looking to return but from what I'm reading it's really rough.

How have you got on.

I hope you're now there with your family!

Tom, Rosa and Jakob.

Hey Veronica

I would very much appreciate some info into migration with a down syndrome child to australia.

I lived there for 5 years and returned to Germany to give birth to our unsuspected down syndrome boy.

All our this whilst our permanent visa is being processed.

We cancelled the visa, due to the situation.

Can you shine a light on this.

Can't imagine  life without Australia and the people I met there.

Tom, Rosa and Jacob

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