Moving to Australia solo

Hello everybody,

Moving to Australia is a challenge in itself, but even more when you decide to go alone. If this was your case when you arrived, we would like you to share your experience. It might help other people who are also preparing for this new life in Australia.

Do you have any tips for people who are about to move to Australia on their own? Is the country suitable, for instance, for a single woman?

What was your state of mind when you arrived in Australia?

What type of accommodation did you choose: house-share, self-contained accommodation or apartment complex?

How did your integration go once settled? Do you think that being alone made it easier to make friends?

Did you encounter any particular difficulties, being alone when you arrived? If you had to do it all over again, would you take a chance?

Thank you for your contribution!

Cheryl, team

Nowadays, its a lot easier to integrate and jell in with the community.  There are now many choices of accomodations, from shared flats/houses to renting a room from a family who has a spare room available. Rental costs are a bit on the high side for most Australian cities, but its more reasonable the further out of the CBD one chooses.

It seems that the usual banal discriminatory questions of job interviews (eg. do you have local experience) is no longer employed unless the interviewer is a blue blooded Aussie. It helps to have sufficient funds to tide oneself over in the near longer term due to the covid situations, unless one is willing to start life in the countryside, doing farm work, which is always on the lookout for employees.

I am ready to do a farm work in Australia but I presently Canada has given me five years ban... Can this Canada ban affect if I submit application to Australia

ogunleyesijibomi wrote:

I am ready to do a farm work in Australia but I presently Canada has given me five years ban... Can this Canada ban affect if I submit application to Australia

Yes it will affect your application.

I moved alone after divorce. It was hard, but I coped with all the difficulties.

I'm sorry  try to be strong we can keep in touch 
@Cheryl It had been really tough moving in alone. But internet really supported in solving lot of my concerns. I am an international student and had been exploring my options before travelling. It kind of supported me to stay focussed and decide on what might suit me. I stay at a studio appartment. My preparations supported me take a smooth start after reaching Brisbane towards lot of perspectives.
But I do miss making friends here. I do not have a clear picture on how to do it. It is what I have being missing after reaching here.

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