Is your overseas acquired knowledge being valued by your organisation?

Hallo fellow expatriates,

I was wondering what your experiences are with regard to how organisations you work for / have previously worked for manage(d) your knowledge and expertise you have acquired during your overseas assignments? Does your HR department have a system in place to capture your knowledge and learn from your experiences? How does it work? Did you feel satisfied with this process?

I heard stories on how expatriates returning home were hardly valued and left their job as their new knowledge was managed poorly. I am very interested in personal stories and how you have dealt with circumstances like this.

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Hi Maresa, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I hope you get replies soon from other expat members in Australia.

Good luck

Thanks Christine!
Yeah, I hope that I get some respones, too :) . The exptatiates not necessarily have to be Australian expatriates, but I am in gerenral interested in how other expatriates have experienced the knowledge management issues in their own organisations.

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Hi there,
I don't know if I got it right, but my company is really good, I have no issues with them on this matter, I came from Brazil to Australia because of my knowledge, my skills and they valuate it really well.

If you mean pay rise, lol, I wish I get one this year, but I cannot complain.