Job opportunities for Working Holiday Visa (417) holders

Hi all,

Just a quick question for all thos past and present working holiday visa holders out there.

From your experience how easy or difficult  was it to find temporary work while you were on your 417 visa?

Did you tend to be overlooked because you were on this particular visa or dido as it not a factor at all?

I am a recent graduate who will be moving to Sydney soon so was just getting a small picture of what to expect from a job hunting standpoint.



yes there is some websites that provides holidays job opportunities you just need to google them ;)

Hi! I know my reply is really late... sorry for that

I had a Visa issue when I went to Sydney to complete a 6 month internship. This web site really helped me.

But for your issue you should contact them directly, they'll help you as they did for me:

Good luck!