The networking etiquette in Sydney

The networking etiquette in Sydney
Updated 2019-06-26 08:51

Aussies are usually very welcoming, and it is easy to get along with them, so expats typically find it easier to mingle with them. However, one needs to know the basic networking etiquette to avoid any mishap. Generally, it is easier to have a feel and adapt to what needs to be done in specific circumstances.

General behaviour

Being an expat, it is vital that you know the basic networking etiquettes. Just a simple but warm handshake and strong eye contact would usually do the trick. Prefer to use first names and try to be punctual when invited. Making advance appointments is a good start when it comes to business meetings. Aussies do prefer short talks. Dress code is conservative here; however, it should be nice and clean. Australians keep it rather informal.


Greetings here are not rocket science at all, as you would usually go with shaking hands, saying a simple hello or introducing yourselves. In Sydney, people usually call each other by their first name (even their managers or people elder to them), and it is not seen as being rude. Additionally, the frankness often reflects with the word 'mate' as they call each other using it.


Communications are simple and straightforward because Sydneysiders are casual, humorous and often to the point when communicating. They appreciate honesty in both opinions and actions. It is recommended to stay clear of subjects like politics or religion unless there is a dire need or someone brings it up into the conversation. Additionally, do try to avoid making comments on accents. Arrogance is also something which is looked down upon.

To Australians, connections are very important. Because Sydney is quite small, it is imperative to get along with everybody, since no one can tell when and where your paths will cross again.


Be punctual. It is generally appreciated if you are not more than fifteen minutes late. Dress codes are lenient in informal gatherings. Little presents are normally exchanged with relatives, companions, and neighbours on birthday celebrations and Christmas. Whenever invited to somebody's home for dinner, it is appreciated to bring a crate of chocolates, a bottle of decent quality wine or some flowers.

Business meetings

Business appointments and meetings remain pretty casual. Present your business case with proper findings and stats. It is generally best to leave feelings and emotions out of the Australian business atmosphere. For these events, one needs to wear their business attire.

Australians are rational, to the point and humble. They esteem honesty, authenticity, and despise gaudiness. Australians lean toward individuals who are sincere, self-deploring and funny. They do not believe in showing off their academic or different accomplishments and will in general doubt individuals who do. Expats dealing with Australians should also avoid these in their conversations or meetups.

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