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Published on 2021-10-18 at 08:41 by Nicola Richards
Her podcast Lakaz Mama (A mother's home) aims to tackle all things pregnancy and motherhood in Mauritius. This Mauritian mom of two and HR professional, started the podcast to help out Mauritians and expats, either looking for support while embarking on the parenthood journey or facing issues such as infertility, postpartum depression… Meet Athina.

Tell us about you, Athina

Bonjour! I am Athina, a Mauritian and HR professional since 2014.  I am happily married and a mom of two kids, Ella 3 years old and Jules 6 months old. I am the last of a family of 5 kids and the only girl!

You are the creator and host of your podcast Lakaz Mama, tell us more about it.

I created Lakaz Mama in August this year with the aim to set-up an inclusive platform that  shares  everything  related  to  pregnancy  and  parenting,  including  birth and postpartum issues, without any taboos, guilt or judgments.  The podcast gathers  the key persons, tools  and  resources  around  parenthood  that  are  available  in  Mauritius  to Mauritians and expats. 

It  is  a  podcast  with  a  new  episode  every  2  weeks  where  I  interview  health professionals  who  will  talk  on  a  specific  topic  (it  can  be  midwives,  doulas,  doctors, chiropractors amongst others).  It can also be a conversation with a mum/dad who will share their personal journey about becoming parents. A variety of topics are addressed such  as  the  parents'  journey  through  pregnancy,  the  actual  birth,  breastfeeding challenges  or  joys,  infertility,  mental  health,  the  new  balance  to  be  found  as  a  couple, postpartum depression etc.

I  particularly  want  to  help  expatriates  living  in  Mauritius  through  my  podcast.  It  is  so important  for  expats  who  are  living  on  the  island,  far  from  their  birth  country, their  families  and  friends,  to  find  support  when  they  need  to.  The health care system may be different from their home country. For instance, there is no home birth (yet) in Mauritius,  no  birth  centres  nor  water  births,  so  I  sincerely  hope  that,  with  Lakaz Mama,  they  will  get  access  to  information  and  knowledge  to  live  their  maternity  and parental journey in the best possible way. I really wish to open the eyes of new parents to the resources available and the infinite

possibilities in becoming parents in Mauritius.  It  is  a  magical  journey  but  it  is  also  a hard  one  and  we  must  not  feel  isolated  in  this.  You must know that you are not alone in  your  feelings  and  there  are  many  mothers  out  there  experiencing  the  same emotional state.

Tell us something fun about you!

I am a spoon collector.  I  have  about  150  spoons  from  different  countries,  cities  or small  towns.  It  is  always  the  thing  I  do  not  forget  to  buy  or  ask  a  friend  to  bring  back to me when visiting new places.

What's your favourite part of Mauritius and why?

The west, Les Salines Pilot.  I  have  lived  there  for  many  years  and  it  is  safe,  calm  and you have everything at walking distance: the beach, the sea, the mountain! It is where I feel most alive!

What are your plans for the future?

I  would  love  my  podcast  Lakaz  Mama  to  reach  more  people,  and  for  expectant parents  and  parents  to  really  connect.  I  want  to  create  this  community  around maternity  and  parenthood  where  there  are  no  taboos,  just  sharing  and  support.  There are  so  many  issues  surrounding  parenthood  but  we  (too  often)  only  hear  the  ‘nice things'.  A  lot  of  people  suffer  from  infertility,  depression,  difficult  births  and  hard times  in  post-partum,  so I  want  the  podcast  to  be  a  place  where  people  can  share  their worries as well as their joys!

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