Got memorandum of contact from grafton bridge construction ltd

I got interview from grafton bridge construction ltd I signed the contract and sent scan copy to the company now they arranged phone interview please let me know is this fake or real.

I called HR Philip Williams he is talking to me over phone but cannot available in LinkedIn.

Company name

Grafton bridge construction ltd


@mnskrishna  same thing happened to me but I did not get any call. First I got a similar mail from grafton bridge Ltd New Zealand. They were asking some information about me like passport number and all in the mail it was also written that they have got the profile from Times job I did not know when I applied from times job but filled the info and sent it now they said my phone number wasn't reachable so check this MOU  and sign it if it is ok then we will go fwrd with telephonic interview. In the MOU the post was of senior manager but did not clearly mention the job role I am still confused is it fake or real and also I hope the attached file does not carry a virus with it

I cannot find any company called Grafton Bride Construction Ltd here in NZ.

If they have asked for you to pay money towards the visa costs, or your airfare or any money at all  then it is a scam.

There is a company called Grafton Bridge which you can check on by typing into your search engine. They are a road construction company.
@mnskrishna Hi, Did you proceed with the offer or try to verify whether it's genuine or not?

Also, can we connect? Just wanted to discuss

Same thing happened to me. I got call after sending signed copy of MOU, he informed of joining date and all.. I asked without interview how are giving me joining letter. He said no I'll get call for interview now he will be sending my profile for managing director for visa processing. Now I have mail from them about visa processing and additionally they have giving me joining date of August 23rd and sent me contract to sign.

Offer position of network engineer.

It is suspicious that even they told me the same thing that they got my profile from Times India and he called me but I wa out of network coverage area then sent me MOU. Am kind of concerned on this,as they don't have any offices showing up in Google or they have social media accounts, when asked the person who called me yesterday said they don't have social media.

Again I have to pay for my visa.. They'll reimburse it with my 1st month salary.. I k
Read and understand post #3.

This is very suspicious.
If they ask you to pay ANY MONEY then it is a scam.

Any genuine job offer includes cost of visas, flights etc. paid for by the company offering the job. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

Again I have to pay for my visa.. They'll reimburse it with my 1st month salary.. I k

- @Niharikahn

It's a scam - As Stumpy said - If you have to pay for anything, forget it.

Scammers work assuming greed will win over brains so they will fool people into sending money. What's betting this thread sees more people asking if it's real or not.

  • @stumpy  I also got an interview call on 6th June and yesterday i received an offer letter and they told me to mail the offer letter to indian address for visa process please help me i can also show you the letter as well


The visa process for work in NZ is handled by the NZ company and done through the NZ authorities.  NOT by sending to an Indian address.

If you send to the Indian address they will then ask you for money which is the SCAM.

The same thing happened with me I got MOU and signed they call me back I had long call they are telling they will forward documents for approval of management and position they offered is "Factory manager", I received the mail from and they are telling they are in partnership with "grafton bridge" construction company, I try to cross verify by going into website of and I contacted them by email to confirm the MOU I received is true? and they confirmed back that as per records its true.

But suspicious thing is they told me same thing that my call was not connecting and they want me to process visa from India through their lawyer and I need to pay approximate 1000 NZD, really how can we understand is it fake is it real? 

Please somebody help me for this topic 1f644.svg

Bahussian Sohail

SCAM, SCAM SCAM !!!!!!!!!!

A legitimate employer pays for everything from visa to work permit to travel arrangements.

Well noted thanks @stumpy I will not pay anything to these scammers

@mnskrishna bro is that true are fake ?

@Saravanan R76
Read and understand post #11

I think I'll set up a job scam business. It's so easy as there's a massive supply of twits who are far too greedy to avoid being scammed.
I think I'll harvest FB, job sites, and LinkedIn profiles. Plenty to start with there.

I'll make a fortune.