Fake or genuine offer letter

Hello sir,

I've got an offer letter from your SOFITEL HOTELS & RESORTS  Auckland. Newzeland). Myself ARAVINTH SEKAR. I got the offer letter on 07 May 2023 from the HR department of the hotel sofitel. Is it genuine i have processed through the consultancy from the India. for the posting of hotel Driver. they had ask to do the medical. with the medical and the offer letter need to go to embassy they ill give the visa form. i needs to fill and give back to the embassy officer they ill give me the visa in 7 days after submitting the documents for the visa fees i need to pay. can any  one please check with it please.


It is a SCAM.   

Any job offer that asks you to pay any money for visa fees is a SCAM. the employer is responsible for ALL FEES AND COSTS.


     My self Dinesh pawar I also received offer letter from Sofitel hotel aukland.

How to identify either it is fake or  scam.

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    Hello sir

     Please can you share your contact number

Before posting here why not read and understand previous posts which state that any job offer that asks for you to pay money is a scam??


The offer is a SCAM.

Genuine offers from employers will include all costs paid by them and not you.

The fact that you have had no contact from them is proof that the offer is a scam.

The fact that the offer comes from someone in Delhi is also proof.

Such a company would not use anyone in Delhi as an agent.

The scammer is simply using the name to show that the offer is genuine.

Read post#5 here too.

I got an offer from Vaquant Construction Limited. First they are giving the Memorandum of Understanding and after I sign the MOU, the company will provide an offer letter.

The company will reimburse the expenses of visa incurred after i reach New Zealand. Air tickets will be provide by the company.

Unable to understand the authenticity of the company....

Please advice...

I would be very cautious about this offer.

All visa costs are paid by the company before you start work with them.

I tried to open the company website and found that it would not open as it is infected with a virus.

The company will reimburse the expenses of visa incurred after i reach New Zealand. Air tickets will be provide by the company.
Please advice...

You'll pay for the visa but never get the tickets

A very obvious scam that shows the importance of critical thinking in schools, and how your country's education system is failing.

@dattaayan1976 I also got an offer from them after signing memorandum of contract. Currently trying to verify the credibility of the employer to proceed with Visa processing.

We are on the same page.

All such offers are SCAMS!!!!!!

@dattaayan1976 me too got an offer from same company from Auckland

Hello everyone,

So It has already been said that it is fake.

Let us keep only one thread on the forum dedicated to fake or genuine offers : https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=925264



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