Temporary work in disability/age care


I am a Dutch student who is almost done with my study as a personal supervisor, looking to make a trip to New Zealand to backpack for a few months.

I would also like to work for a temporary amount of time within the disability and/or age care in New Zealand to build more experience for what I do professionally.

I have a few questions about working in this position in the country:

Is this actually a thing, working temporarily in healthcare?

Is it possible to get accommodation while working in this sector? (paid by the company or not, I am willing to only work for accommodation)

What are good organizations with experience in disability/age care?

Where can I find possible job applications for temporary work?

are there multiple job agencies  for this kind of work?

Thank you in advance!

Welcome aboard.

Try a Google search. I did and there are many jobs available.  Just type in disability / aged care jobs NZ and start looking.

Good luck.


Thanks for your response!

After this post i began googling and i already e-mailed some agencies and orginasations.

But it is still unclear to me if its common to get some type of temporary accomodations while doing this work.

To be honest I do not know if accommodation is supplied with such jobs.

true because the country applies national preference, any jobs that can be occupied by a national cannot be assigned to a foreigner. my daughter who is starting a new job, has a master's degree so the training did not exist three years ago, so very rare. in addition the employer had to prove that he could not find candidates for this position  jean luc 1f609.svg