Working in Wellington

Finding work in Wellington
Updated 2020-02-04 09:10

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and as well as being home to the government, it is also home to a wide range of sectors, always looking for new employees. Wellington is also a great place to head to as an entrepreneur, with plenty of support for new starters in the city.

Wellington's economy 

As the second-biggest city in New Zealand, Wellington is a great spot to settle down. As well as the governments and all of its ministries, there are also a lot of NGO's based in the city. The economy thrives in the city thanks to all the businesses in the area.

It is well-known for the film-making industry in New Zealand. Besides film shootings in the city, Wellington is also the home of special effects studios and various custom-built film sets. Its level of creativity makes it a great place for startups and freelancers, with coworking spaces and support networks throughout the city.

Tourism is another major industry in Wellington, thanks to the frequency of cruise ships in the area and its ferry links to the South Island. Places like Te Papa and the Beehive attract tourists from both New Zealand and worldwide.

If you are after a well-paid job, Wellington is the place to head. Wages are on average $60,000 per year, driven up in part by government and technology jobs. Wellington contributes 13.5% towards the national GDP, so it is a regional powerhouse. Wellington also has an unemployment rate of only 5%.

 Good to know:

Thanks to the location of Wellington, locals like to have a great work-life balance. The harbour is a popular place for sailing and a variety of water sports. Wellingtonians enjoy evenings at Oriental Bay, as well as hikes up Mount Victoria and evenings exploring coffee shops and breweries in Wellington CBD.

Job hunting in Wellington

If you are looking for a job in Wellington, this should not take too long. Depending on your industry, try speaking with your country's Embassy, to see if they are aware of any positions available. Websites like Trade MeSeek and LinkedIn are where locals usually search for jobs, so they are a great place to start.

Temp agencies are another great option if you are hoping to land a job very quickly. Consider recruitment agencies if you are looking for work in a particular industry. Besides, there are also plenty of film and entertainment roles available, as well as careers in the tourism industry.

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