Fake or genuine offer letter Kiwigroupcompanies.nz

Hello sir,

I've got an offer letter and from your renowned company sir(Kiwigroupofcompanies, Auckland. Newzeland). Myself Mahesh Reddy .G. I got the offer letter on 08 May 2023,from the HR department of this company. Is it genuine sir? . i have processed through the consultancy from the India .below is the subjiect. could you please help me out asap.


We are pleased to offer you employment with Kiwi Group Of Companies (the “Company”), on

the terms set out in this Offer Letter (“Letter”) and upon the terms and conditions as set out in

the Employee Handbook (together called “the Guidelines”) enclosed herein.

1. Title and start date

1.1 Your position will be that of Manager.

1.2 You will report to our, Logistic Officer of Kiwi Group of Companies or such other

person as the Company may designate and your primary responsibility will be.

1.3 Subject to the terms and conditions of this Letter, your appointment shall take effect

and commence from 26 May 2023 (“start date”) and will continue in full force and effect

until 08 May 2023 unless and until terminated in accordance with the terms in this



4.1 Your annual base starting salary will be $54000 its equivalent in New Zealand Dollars

payable in 12 monthly installments, at an exchange rate to be agreed upon.

4.2 In addition, At the time of acceptance $500 NZD will be payable for the process of medical

certification and offer letter charges, which will be reimbursed at the time of first payout after

joining. total 15 pages  job offer letter .

Thanks and Regards

Mahesh reddy Garlapati

Hello Mahesh,

Welcome on board !

Did you have any interview with them ? visio or voice ?



Yes madam, telephonic conversation.

is it fake or genuine please help me out Kiwi Group Of Companies – Manufacturing, Packaging kiwigroupcompanies.nzhttp://www.kiwigroupcompanies.nz

Hello any one is there and update.

Is there any update regarding

It is a SCAM!!

any genuine job offer will not ask for payment of any kind.

All costs including visa, permits and medical are paid by the employer.

Hai bro this is Mallikarjun from Telangana I received offer letter same company plz any details
-@Mallikarjun Angala

It's explained here

https://www.expat.com/forum/viewtopic.p … 96#5692649

4.2 In addition, At the time of acceptance $500 NZD will be payable for the process of medical

Obvious - Random email asks for money


Hello everyone,

I am closing this thread. Members have confirmed it is a scam !

Further queries on genuine or fake offers can be posted on the following thread : Fake or Genuine Job Offer



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