The labor market in Auckland

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Updated 2023-03-04 18:46

As a bustling center of commerce and finance, there are plenty of businesses in Auckland looking for experienced and enthusiastic workers. However, it is always a good idea to have a good grasp of the labor market in the city before you begin your search for work. Like many countries, New Zealand is experiencing labor shortages following the Covid-19 pandemic, and Auckland has also been affected. For a list of those industries most urgently needing workers, expats can consult New Zealand's Green List.

Auckland's economy

Auckland is a busy and prosperous city (almost a quarter of New Zealanders live in Auckland) with the country's most favorable business climate. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) tipped over NZ$137 billion in 2022, which is more than a third of the GDP of the entire country.

In 2022, professional, scientific and technical Services accounted for 10.9% of Auckland's total GDP. The second largest was financial and insurance services (8.9%), followed by manufacturing (8.6%). Construction and engineering, screen and creative sectors, and education are also prosperous areas of the economy in Auckland.

The central business district (CBD) is the center of Auckland and home to the nation's financial services. It is also a major center of trade, and food and drink and home to a major shipping container port. But opportunities for work aren't restricted to the CBD – the North Shore's Albany and Takapuna, South Auckland's Manukau, and pockets of Greater Central and West Auckland all house industrial and commercial areas that provide ample employment to those on the hunt.

Jobs on offer in Auckland

If you are looking for more short-term work, tourism, hospitality, and service industries are good places to start, as are temp agencies. Hostels and word-of-mouth are good ways to learn about these opportunities, and many places will put signs up on their windows if they are looking for staff. Hospitality and tourism in particular have been hard hit by the pandemic, and businesses are desperate for workers. Many will have signs pinned up if their windows are advertising for immediate starts.

New Zealand also has its share of multinational companies that represent a significant job pool for expatriates seeking more long-term job prospects. Fonterra is New Zealand's biggest company, and there are plenty of others like Montana Group. Plus, big international companies like Coca-Cola, Watties, and Unilever all have a presence in Auckland.

Almost every field of expertise is represented in the local job market. Finance and insurance, information and communication technology, real estate and construction, and trades of all kinds are dynamic fields. A good way of getting to grips with the job market in Auckland is to do your research well in advance of moving. Websites like Seek, TradeMe, LinkedIn, and Indeed will be extremely helpful in determining what kinds of jobs are frequently available and what kind of qualifications are being sought. Consulting the Green List and applying for a role from overseas can be a great way to get yourself a job offer before you move to New Zealand.

Unemployment in Auckland

The unemployment rate for the city is on par with the national rate at around 3.3% (this number reached an all-time low in 2021, at 3.2%). Despite this low number, the Auckland job market can still be very competitive, depending on the sector that you're looking for work in. Some positions will have dozens of applicants, while some will be desperate for a candidate with the right experience. Ensuring that your application is well-written and accurate will ensure you stand out from the rest.

Wages in Auckland

In general, income levels in Auckland are a little lower than you might expect from a major city due to New Zealand's limited size. The minimum wage in New Zealand is currently NZ$22.70 per hour. The current “living wage” has been calculated as NZ$23.65, so the minimum comes in a little below this recommended wage. The average yearly income is around NZ$71,000 in Auckland, but bear in mind this is hugely dependent on your area of expertise. Again, researching your field in advance will help you get a solid idea of what to expect when moving to Auckland.

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