Work in Auckland

Hello everybody!

My name is Raphael, I have 22 years old and I am currently in France.

I will go to New Zealand (Auckland) in February with a WHV for 1 year.
I have a Bachelor in Marketing and IT and I would like to find a job in Auckland. I wonder if I can find a job in this area,(sales, marketing, customers relationship...) knowing that I have almost no work experience but a good level of English.

I am looking for testimony, advice and tips from people working in Auckland : how long does it take to find a job, where to search, wages...

Thank you for your help

Hi Raphael,

Welcome to!

Do not hesitate to post an ad in the jobs in Auckland section.

Best of luck,

Can you help me to find job in New Zealand. I'm Indonesian citizenship but I'm Tamil. I'm expert in warehouse, inventory control and administration.level for these :senior level
I have new mapping system, movement system