How can i find voluntary work?

Hi!~ I've just registered here.
It looks like very helpful so everyone living in auckland,
I have a litte question.

Actually i'm studying english now and i'll stay for about 7 months.

I've keep studying hard but i've just been thinking why i'm doing the same things as i did.

I mean the way i study isn't different as when i was in korea.
This is abroad. and i'm here for english!

So i really like to meet friends to talk to but it's not easy.

I'm interested in volunteer(and i'd done it regulary in korea)
so i've sent e-mails to many organization and try to keep in touch.
But few of them replied to me and most are not fit me...(ex. it needs very good communication skills..)

Do you know how to do voluntary work in auckland? it doesn't matter  what fields are.
Or is there any way to meet people.

.. i want to improve my english speakin with others. plz help me~

Hi SoongyuAhn, welcome on Expat-blog! :)

I am sure you will have lot of new contacts on the site. Do not hesitate to participate in other discussions on the Auckland forum.

You may post an advert under Auckland classifieds > community section - volunteers as well.

I wish you good luck


There are lot of agency who can place you like part time job. one of them is who offers part time job for students exclusively. I hope that will work. I feel the more you interact more you learn.

hi Soongyuahn,

I think you can get helpful advices from citizens advice bureau office. their branches located in different areas. they not only help the citizens also foreigners who has difficulties in NZ. call them first and make an appointment. they will help you out.

Two sources:
   WWOOF New Zealand
   Conservation Volunteers

Apply to volunteer at camps.
i have worked at one in rotorua which had overseas volunteers all the time.
Ph 07 350 3010
or email
Attend to Ross.

Good luck

on the southern island you can find seasonal work without language proficiency requirements. it may be gathering apples, kiwi and etc.

Well to my knowledge is crap ( they have lame test, registration fee and blah blah ) .

If you are in Auckland then you can do volunteer work for West Acukland police :) I personally know 1 Japanese guy is working with them with same motive and for humanity cause..

Constable Wells Albert
Waitakere Police station

Hiya! A few ideas that come to mind are:

The Courts: go directly to your nearest court house and see if they need a volunteer to help when they need translation

The Hospitals: same idea as the courts

Local Schools: go talk with the principals at your local primary schools and find out if you can read to/with entry level students (5 and 6 year olds). If you can't do mornings they sometimes have after school programmes too.

Best wishes!