South African Plumber in Auckland

Hi everyone im a 30 year old from Cape Town South Africa
I am a licensed plumber and have over 5 years experience
I would like to move to Auckland and just wanted to ask some questions on the forum
Hope someone will be able to help me with some answers

1) How easy is for a plumber to get a job in Auckland
2) Is the South African qualification recognized in New Zealand
3) Do I have to have a job offer before I start the application to move to NZ

Any help will be rally appreciated

Check out this website for visa information and application
If plumbers are on the skills list then you have a better chance of a visa.
You may have to sit another exam in NZ to qualify for licensing in NZ.
I would start job hunting now and see is prospective employers are willing to sponsor you for a visa.

Try this site for possible jobs or just Google 'plumbing jobs NZ' and see what comes up.

thank you really appreciated