Looking for a job

I am a french girl who live in new zealand since 1 week. I stay here for 1 year and I am looking for a job in Auckland first.
And after I want to travel around new zealand and find job with accomodation (wwoofing).
If somebody can help me or give me advices, or adress, it will be great.

Hello marine40, you should post an advert in Auckland classifieds > community section/ Wwoof.

Hope it helps,

Hi Marine, and welcome to New Zealand!

I agree with Harmonie - check out the classifieds section.  Also, look on TradeMe's site: trademe.co.nz/jobs

There's also seek.co.nz/, and jobs.nzherald.co.nz/

I've also found that networking is a great way to find employment.  Talk to people and let them know that you are looking for a job and are willing and able to start working ASAP, and you'll be surprised at how many leads you get :)

Best of luck!

It all DEPENDS on where you live but there are lots of jobs in HOSPITALITY plus is alot of fun and you meet a good variety of people!
Go to the WYNARD QUARTER and go in to all the bars and restaurants they all need stasff $14 minimum an hour you need to ask for unless you have already been trainingin Hospo before! Good Luck!

Hello ! i will be in Auckland next month and will be looking as well ! that was nice to read your advices !

Hope we can meet someday !

have a good day !


Would be taking up employment in Auckland next month, can any one help with the standard of living and also minimum pay for the survival for a family 4 (wife and two kids)

Hi dharmesh007, I invite you to start a new thread in Auckland forum for better visibility.;)