Hi Friends, Please bring me out

I want to come to Newzealand and my NZ PR status is under processing & i have 3+ years of progressive IT development experience with below skill set

Oracle 9i /10g/11g, SQL, PL/SQL,DBA, TOAD and UNIX Commands.

  plz tell me the living life in NZ and which city is best for IT FIELD .
I hope u'll be reply soon

Thank you

Hi Prabhu,

I wanted the same info and its frustrating to see no replies.

I'm not in IT but Auckland is where most of the work is and telecom is here which employs lots of IT type people .. good luck!

Thanks for your kindly help...:-)

What about Wellington? Is the IT market there is as good as it is in Auckland?

I think Auckland is the best place for IT but Wellington might have a good amount as well. Check this site and see for yourself:

Hi Dear,
Auckland is like Mumbai - Business city whereas Welington is more of Govt. sector. Job market is pretty tough & challenging. If you need more info, email me at rajnish.sehgal@tivre.co.nz or ring me at +64225190999. Cheers, Raj

Auckland has the highest population of any location in New Zealand. IT jobs are in constant demand depending on your job requirements. Be prepared to start in a medium position and work your way up. You gotta be seen to 'put your time in' before expecting promotion etc.

Despite the demand, the employment market has shrunk a little because of the economy so don't be surprised if it takes a bit longer than you expected.