I'm planning to move to NZ by july 2011 and i'm looking for a position in IT field as i have 4 years experience in Software and IT project management.

Any suggestions or recommendations ?

Ahmed Saad

You may start looking at the job seekers website like seek.co.nz and check immigration for work visa, though you must have checked this already.

Hi Ahmed,
I saw your post about looking for IT Positions in Auckland, and I'm actually an IT Recruiter with Robert Half Technology that is moving to Auckland in the middle of July! 

We're always looking for people with your background, shoot your resume to me at david.sheehan@rht.com and I'll forward it to my partner in our Auckland office, Adam Roi, since it will be a month before I get there.

Look forward to working with you!

Hi David,

Can you please post your advert in the Auckland classifieds > job section?

Thank you.

Dear Mr. David,

My husband has worked as a software engineer at a manufacturing company in Sri Lanka and currently working on a project in power BI. Can you help us with finding an opportunity for my husband? He has more than 10 years of experience in IT.

Kind regards,

Hello nishuda,

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I would suggest that you create an new thread on the Auckland forum. Our members who are active these days will provide some guidance to you.

Good luck  :top:

Team Expat.com

Dear Diksha,

Thank you so much and it's really very kind of you to help me like this. Many Thanks and Ill do the needful.

Stay blessed.

Kind regards