Psychologist wants to move to NZ

Hello friends,

I have been following the posts on this site for the past few weeks but haven't found any information specifically fitting my scenario , so I think it is a good idea to post my queries here and hope for guidance.
So, let me begin by introducing myself. I am a Psychologist, currently based in India and I have completed my Bachelors and Masters Degree in Psychology (Clinical) from a Govt. University here in India. My husband is a Psychologist too and we are hoping to migrate to NZ as soon as possible.
As per the INZ website we can apply for work visas and are even having around 170 points for applying for EOI. everything looks good in this aspect, but my concern is if we will be able to get jobs as Psychologists in NZ. I have applied for many jobs on various job sites too but they all expect me to have a visa beforehand.I am already applying for Registration as a Psychologist in NZ. I am hoping that I will have better chances of a job offer in hand after the Registration. But how is the job market for Psychologists? Is it difficult to get jobs ? And the average salaries are quoted on multiple sites around 65k per annum ... are Psychologist with Overseas qualifications getting these salaries too or is there a bias?

Is anybody out there who can guide us regarding this? I would appreciate any input.

Thanks in advance

I would like to comment ...sorry but there is no way you have 170 points in order to apply for Residence yuo have made a mistake in how you have calculated your points

I immigrated 2 years ago and the paper work for licensure (I am a nurse) and other immigration requirements can be daunting. I went thru an agency for the job part and saved myself quite a bit of work. I used "Accent health care recruitment "and they did a superb job at finding me employment and guiding me thru the process. It would be very hard for you to get a visa without a job. Accent has had positions for psychologists in the past so you might give them a try.

Hello motorlodge,

Could you please explain why you say so, because I calculated it again and came to the same conclusion. Maybe I'm really doing something wrong. Please let me know so I can rectify this.

Kind regards

Hello Prettywitty,

Thanks a lot. Will be contacting Accent. Hope they can find something suitable for us soon :)

And yeah, this process of Registration and Migration is really quite daunting. I was expecting it to be easier since Psychologists (Clinical) are actually on the Long term skill shortage list.  :/

Well, let's hope it all works out in the end and the wait is worth it :):) Fingers and toes crossed ...

I appreciate your input :)

There is actually shortage of good psychologists in Auckland. Goods ones always find there way to Oz after living in NZ for sometimes. I highly recommend you to please file for your EOI soon since it takes 6-9 months for Immigration NZ to even consider you. If you do end up living here, you both will be a valuable contributor to the society.

If you are in Child psychology domain please check out Whirinaki at … rinaki.htm

If you need more information please post it on this blog. I can find more information for you if ask specific questions.

Good Luck ("Waimarie Pai" in NZ Maori Language)


Hi Stardust,
I am in the same positions as you and i was just wodnering if you and your husband were successful to moving to New Zealand?

Hope you're doing well!

Just FYI. I moved from the USA to New Zealand in 2012 and worked as a mental health nurse. I loved it there but 8 years later I started looking at retirement. There is a massive housing shortage in New Zealand and at the age of 61 they told me I was too old for a mortgage. I could not afford rent on a social security income there so I had to retire in the USA. I returned to the US about a year ago and bought myself a little 3 bed house in a retirement community for a fraction of the cost to buy a house in New Zealand. Think San Francisco prices when thinking of New Zealand housing. I do miss New Zealand quite a lot.

I can confirm the above on housing. Unless you are extremely wealthy home ownership is no longer possible here in New Zealand. And rents are VERY high compared to salaries. I'm in my early 40's and we earn well but are making plans to leave. We came here for a better life but living in relative poverty and struggling to retire is not a better life.