Salary Requirement for PR

Hello all , I have few questions regarding PR application after getting Job in NZ. Is there any Minimum salary requirement according to Level of Study in NZ ( Level 5, Level6, Level7 )
Or one must be having a relevant job in the area he studied in NZ ?

Another Question is How much interest is shown by Local IT companies to Hire Indians?


Hi gourav,

Average should be 35-50k per annum. One should have study related job than should under skill shortage list and finding a job is tough. You should ask this question any authorise immigration consultant, not on this forum because people will answer different questions in the end u will be confused.

It doesn't matter with indian or pakistani what matter is your confidence/knowledge/local experience to work for that job

@rajirajesh Thanks for your answer . can you tell me one thing.
What would be more beneficial?
1. Studing a Masters Equivalent Grad. diploma in University with full time studies or
2. doing same diploma in some private Institutions like Ntec, computer power where they have 2-3 hours batches ?