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i have received one offerletter from apex megacentre for th epost of retail manager.How i can know it is genuine or not?

with regrds,


Scammers pretending to be senior executives are targeting victims with offers of fake jobs in their New Zealand companies.

The scammer will make contact using email, phone or place a job ad on an employment website. They will offer a well-paid job based solely on your experience, or following a basic interview by phone.

The job will commonly include information that is not typical in New Zealand such as:

A monthly salary (NZ salaries are given as annual figures)
An amount in New Zealand dollars after tax (NZ salary figures are given as before tax)
Hours of work per day (NZ employers specify hours per week)
NZ Embassy contact details (not usually provided on NZ job listings)
Once you accept the job, you will be required to complete ‘visa application forms' and be directed to your nearest ‘New Zealand Embassy' – both of which are also fake, and part of the scammer's process to appear legitimate.
You will then be asked to pay ‘visa processing fees' and other application related costs. This money goes directly to the scammer.

If you have received an offer of a job in New Zealand that seems too good to be true, make sure you:

Research the company making the offer
Google the company's website and check the address using Google Street view
Call the New Zealand number provided
In many cases the scammers use software that mimics New Zealand phone numbers to appear real. Call the number to check – if there is no dial tone, it may be a scam
Contact the New Zealand company directly
If it appears that the company does exist, verify the job offer by using the phone number listed on Google, and ask to speak with the person that has made you the offer.

Did you apply for a job at the centre or was the job offer just sent to you?

Apex Mega Centre is a shopping centre in Mt Wellington Auckland. There are many stores trading in the centre so was the offer from a specific store?

If not then I would consider the off a scam.

If it is for a specific store then go online, find contact details for that store and contact them direct about the offer. Do not use any contact details on the offer that was sent to you.

I agree with the information on the previous post about scammers.

Regarding job offer from apex mega center jobs.
i got  an email through  monster gulf which is mentioned below.

Job seeker,

This is a shortlist notification from your profile in Monstergulf online recruitment website for Retail / FMCG Job openings in New Zealand; kindly email us a copy of your recent CV / Resume for final verification and to enable us re-confirm your details.

Kind regards,
Arlo Atkinson.

so i applied on  this and later on i got cv acknowledgement which is mentioned below.

From: HR Apex Mega Centre <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2018 8:24 AM
Subject: CV Acknowledgement

Dear Jobseeker,

This is to inform you that we have received and reviewed your resume / details. Your application has progressed through the alien screening phases to the final stage that is subject to Apex Mega Centre management's decision and approval. This finalization process is competitive due to the limited alien quota for Apex Mega Centre and the need to ensure only the services of the very best in the Retail / FMCG sector are picked.

This is Online Recruitment because our verification of your eligibility for a working position with Apex Mega Centre will be completely based on your CV, qualifications, previous work experiences, projects completed, social responsibility etc. in accordance with the new Australasia Alien Policy. We will not be conducting any form of Interview (Oral or Facial), no voice / video interview since you are not physically present here in New Zealand and Apex Mega Centre doubts the accuracy and authenticity of data obtained through either voice or video interview. We have your CV where you have stated your qualifications, work experiences, references etc. We will discreetly and confidentially contact some of these Institutions, Organisations and persons you have mentioned in your CV to truly verify the authenticity of data supplied in your CV.

We will get back to you as soon as possible with our decision; you will be notified either through e-mail or any other electronic means. We wish you success going forward in both your career and life generally.

Kind regards,
Arlo Atkinson
Apex Mega Centre New Zealand.

Then they sent an offer letter and mentioned their phone  number and web address .i called on two numbers which they given in the offer letter and both were answered. web address is
how know it is scam or not?

Hi Kevin,

I have received the same offer, same contract from Apex mags centre. It was on the same days as well. I really doubt the authenticity of this offer as the none of these mention individual names aren't appearing in google, FB or LinkedIn. Further, the contract itself looks a bit a dodgy.

Somehow I have signed the contract and sent it to the mentioned e mail address as it would not loose me a thing. Waiting for the response now. Will update you soon as I get any feedback.

Please update if you happened to confirm any information by now. Thanks


It is a scam,now that website is no more.even you look the offer letter it self can see that place the sticker of apex mega center and it is scanned paper and website also address contact number is hr number that means the number of person who signed the offer letter.first time i am seeing a shopping center contact number with hr number and it is a mobile number.

It is a scam.


Even I have received the same offer letter for the position of sales executive. I will be send my brother to check the authenticity who is living in Auckland. Contact me who ever got the same offer. Im from Sri lanka.***

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Even I have received same offer for the position of Sales executive. I will be sending my brother who lives in auckland to check the authentication. Will update you soon

Hi husny. I'm also from Sri Lanka. Please let me know if you have an update. Here is my number ***

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To all of you above,

This is considered as a scam and an absolute fake. Please don't get yourselves drowned into that.

I also received a job offer letter from one lonestars farms in New Zealand from one agent in my country. Can you kindly confirm for me the authenticity of the offer … p=drivesdk

Start with the basics:

Did you apply for for it?
Have they asked for any money?

An agent applied for me, he has collected some money from me.

Sorry, but if you have given money then it is a scam.

You can contact the farm direct by opening their website The only job offer they have is for an experienced shepherd.

Agents local to you might very well charge for their service, but that is no guarantee it's a legitimate job.
There is a very good chance it's a scam, that or your local agent simply doesn't care because he has your cash.

The business is real

but that doesn't mean your job is. Contact the company direct using the numbers given

Many thanks Fred. I've already contacted the company, I'm awaiting their response.

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