Looking for Teaching position.

Hello, sweet and nice people,

kindly can anyone guide me, on how to get a teaching position in NZ, I am a Secondary School Science teacher from Pakistan, I have obtained my Teaching license from the Teaching Council of NZ and I am a registered teacher there, I have more than 11 years experience of teaching chemistry, Biology and General Science, I have been applying for the positions announced on  Education gazette, but still have no luck in gaining interview or job, while I need work offer to apply for worker visa to new zealand. any suggestion or advice would be welcome. thanks.


Hello and welcome !

I would think that New Zealand has enough local teachers to fulfil these kinds of positions, that's why you can't land an interview.

You can try to explore visa options here : https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zea … sa-options



Hey thanks  for your reply but I have only one option I guess is worker visa . And for that I need a job offer.