Employment opportunities

Hi all,My family is planning a move to Wanaka over the next 3-4yrs from Australia and I was wondering what kind of difficulties I might face in finding work in the trades typically cabinetry and joinery as I have 5 years experience in doing that and would love to continue working in the industry. Besides that I have 4 years heavy machinery experience with 3 RII tickets (excavator, wheeled loader, roller) with majority of that experience in wheel loaders. And if not in those industries I'm young and fit and willing to learn anything no matter the requirements. I'd love to just chat with a few people whether and see how hard it would be for me to transition over.Cheers.Would also consider work in the tourism industry as I know wanaka has a good tourism industry.

Welcome aboard.

You should not find it too hard to get work at all.

Just try a good old Google search for a job.

There are always plenty of employment agencies advertising positions.

Try www.seek.co.nz

Good luck.