Any Dentists / Doctors who work, live or moved to New Zealand ?

Hi there,  :D

I'm from Vienna (Austria) and i graduated in Dentistry 2 month ago, actually writing on my medical dissertation.

Somebody out there who could give me a specifically advice? Someone who has experience or knows somebody who moved as a Dentist or Doctor to New Zealand. Actually I have some information from the dental board of NZ but I would appreciate if i could meet / talk to  somebody who has been through.  :unsure:cheers:

Hi Dent15,

I believe you will have no problem to be a dentist in NZ. We have a shortage of dentists and a qualified one from a West European country will be welcomed. NZ can afford to train only five dentists a year. Hence there is a big shortfall.

And sorry I forgot to add that you are good looking too!

Hi...I am a dental surgeon from Bangladesh...a country of south Asia...can I come and practice in New Zealand? you have mentioned that New Zealand trains 5 dentist per can I get the chance?...I have been practicing for about 8 years..should I go through any exam for license.....please inform me...thank you.

Yes Amin Hasnine,

You have to pass your exams here which are very difficult only one dentist passes this exams yearly. So I would be in two minds if I were you to come to NZ. Many Dentist and Doctors from Bangladesh unfortunately are driving taxis to earn their fees to pass the exams and they try quite a lot if I am not mistaken each time they appear for these exams they have to pay a fee of 5,000 NZ$ or more. Many have not succeeded and given up. Unfortunately your qualification from Bangladesh or any country in the Sub Continent, Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe is not recognised and passing of exams to practice is mandatory.

Thanks for the reply.
I have seen some of your posts.....It seems to me that you are very helpful to unknown people.
Being an expert, give me a suggestion...should i try to come to New Zealand?
As a dentist, for now, I cannot work. So, can I get any other job? any simple job? I know, New Zealand is a wonderful and secured..that is why, I wanted to move...if I can stay there for few will be easy for me to adjust and find better jobs...though I know that living cost is very very, what should I do?
I liked your attitude of helping people....give me mental support...Take care.

Well if you are a dentist in Bangladesh I would not suggest you come here because your standards of living will drop. Its not easy to have a good life with a normal job, you will struggle. Cost of living in Auckland and NZ is much higher than Bangladesh.