How I found a job in New Zealand


I'm a 27 year old Italian guy and I lived in New Zealand for 2 years. Loved it! I actually managed to find a job before I moved there, so I wanted to let you know how I did it.

-First, I translated my CV in English and I had an English friend check it for me. If your written English isn't that amazing, you should hire a pro translator to do it for you (fiverr can be very useful for that. Please don't put your picture on your CV. Employers in English speaking countries don't like it.

-Then the hardest part: finding a job when you're not living in New Zealand. I used the search engine and also Trademe to find my job, I thought they had the most job ads. You should think about what you can offer to a NZ company, then type your skills as keywords. Are you an engineer? Are you good with computers? Can you translate? Do marketing? Then add your languages other than English as a keyword. Not many new zealanders can speak another language, so that's a big plus for you! If you speak an Asian language it's even better.

-The fields with companies recruiting: banking, marketing, translation, video games localisation, web/computer development.

-Finally, if the employer hesitates to hire you, you should apply for a whv. Like that, you can start with this company, and if they like you, they will then sponsor you later.

That's how I found a job in New Zealand. Best of luck!

Hi Dudosaur,

Thank you for sharing. I would also like to do the same. By the way, what do you mean by whv?

Hi Leah! I mean a work holiday visa. Unfortunately, it's not available for all countries. Good luck!

Thanks for great Knowledge. Dudosaur, I am 28 years guy having around 8 years of experience. Currently working for US health industry at Managerial position where I do People Management, Project Management, Client dealing etc. I am good at computer like emails, excel, MS Word etc. Since I am in US industry, I know how to speak and write english plus couple of Indian regional languages. Which filed I should try in NZ? Kindly advise.

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