passing two exams for renewal my permesso di sogiorno

Hi everybody
my resident permit will be expired in 2022 April. but unfortunately, I could pass only one exam for this year. do you know if I could pass another exam in 2022 January, will the police accept to renew my resident permit? or I should pass these two exams in 2021?
I really appreciate if you help me :(

Try to study and pass an exam on January, I know it's hard but try your best.At times if you are fortunate they will accept it and renew it for you


Hello ,

could you tell me please what happend then ? i would really appreciate it , cause i'm passing through the same  situation now , and I want to prepare myself to know what I should to do.


@madiogf I am going tomorrow after i will tell you stay tune

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Have you too been through this?


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@madiogf I am going tomorrow after i will tell you stay tune
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Hello Shan Zaib,

Good luck with that!

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@Shan Zaib Hello , I hope that everything went well with you , could you tell me what happened with you please ?

@madiogf I want to work in Italy I'm apply & I tried member of companies. But I never get a single reply from them. And finally text to you Could you please tell me how do I approach.?

@Shan Zaib, Hello, I wanted to ask if you had any update on your situation please since I'm going through the same thing, thank you in advance.

Hello guys, no one has any update regarding this thread ? No on got any news? anything really would be great... ! Thank you

@Shan Zaib hello dear is there any update ? I didn't do any exam in my first year but I have a medical report that my foot is broken , do it benefit ? Please update me


what exams do you mean. My husband abd I didn't have to take any . We had to fill in forms in Italian and then had a face to face meeting at the Commune (town hall)



I am confused what exams are these. My husband and I didn't hVe to do exams for our residency , we just had to fill in forms in Italian and then have a face to face meeting with a member of staff at the Commune.  Once we had residency  then we went the the soggiorno process .

what exam did you have to take ?

@Shan Zaib any news about permesso renewal .

Thank you