Job for Musician and Music Teacher in Mauritius?

Hello dear members!

Im a professional pianist and music teacher based in Dubai, UAE
We are hoping to move to Mauritius soon, I would like to ask how do I start my job search as a musician? Do any hotels /bars hire expat musicians?

Any help is highly appreciated


Hello Valeria,

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The tourism industry in Mauritius is more driven towards employing locals. However, if you have special skills that a local doesn't have, you might stand a chance for a work permit/occupation permit, however it is tough.

I suggest that you google search hotels in Mauritius and send your applications online  through their websites, you may also have a look on the different job boards. Check the following articles for more infos about requirements and jobs specialised websites :  Work in Mauritius.

As for music teacher, you might want to enquire from private schools in Mauritius (French or English medium schools). Try to contact those mentioned in the Education in Mauritius article.

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Good to know you are planning on moving here soon.

As Bhavna mentioned, your chance of getting a job as a music teacher will depend on your profile as getting an Occupation Permit comes with salary conditions.

And as she suggested, high end hotels/resorts or private international schools where music is part of the curriculum are where you should start your job search.

However, some are some conservatories on the island that often recruit music teachers. Depending on your experience, skills and competency, you can hedge your bets there too.

Hi Valeria,

I think I can help you. Please send me a private message if you are interested in performing in hotels. ***

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