British Female(25) wants to marry Saudi Male(25)

Hello All !
I would like to get married and live in KSA, and live out there. what's the easiest way to get married ?. and is it possible to get married if the male side of the family don't approve ?. would the police get involved ?...

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I have commented on quite a few.  Read these:

For a Saudi man to be able to marry a foreigner (and for it to be recognised legally in Saudi), requires getting the permission of the Government.  And for that, there is a criteria - the man has to be above a certain age.  If I recall correctly, it was 40.  Below that, very difficult to get permission.

Thank you for the fast reply !, would you happen to know what the building is called for us to get permission from the Saudi government ?

The saudi man should know where to go to apply. Most of the info is in Arabic. Now things are easier and there are always exemptions. Leave it to the man to sort out. The government will not ask his mummy or daddy for permission to marry so don't worry about it....

Must be Saudi Citizen?

Hi there,

The proper protocol would be for him to apply for permission from the regional Imara. Once the permission comes through, then you get married through the Saudi courts. If you marry outside the Kingdom without permission, it will lead to administrative complications, as well as be something he will have to be answerable for.

As long as he is a rational (relatively speaking) adult human with both X and Y chromosomes, he does not need consent from his family.

Imara, the place is called the Imara. You start at the reception and work your way up. Handwritten applications will do, I put mine on the back of a bubble gum wrapper.

If you were born in the Kingdom then he can apply for permission through

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