Delivery of baby on visit visa

Hi everyone, I have come on visit Visa and I'm planning to deliver my baby here.
Anyone knows the exact procedure to get the passport for my baby starting from documents required to get birth notification from hospital. I need to know the documents required. My father sponsored my visit Visa

Take birth report (from hospital translate into English) to Civil Affair office (Ahwal al madni) and bring parents original passport plus iqama if have, and copies, they will give you a form to fill, and attached all these documents , and be further process to issue Birth certificate same time within 30 minutes and you can take that Birth Certificate to MOFA (Ministry of Foreigner Affairs) just to stamp and it's done (there is small fee you can pay on any machine there). After that you can bring this Birth certificate to your embassy for further procedure

For getting birth report from hospital what documents do I need?  Mothers passport is enough?

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