Carpooling in Malaysia

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In order to move around in Malaysia, you will have to spend time on the road; for your work commute, to drop your children off at school or for everyday trips. Carpooling could be the right option for you. We would like to know your views on carpooling as a means of transport, and whether it is a practical and cost-effective option.

Is carpooling and cost-sharing common practice in Malaysia? What about the regulations in force?

For which types of journey does carpooling seem more suitable in Malaysia? How much is the cost of a carpool trip?

Is there an app or other means available to connect people looking to carpool? How do you find other carpoolers?

If you are carpooling in Malaysia, what precautions should you take to travel safely?

According to you, what are the advantages and disadvantages of carpooling?

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Carpooling absolutely no way. But if there was a school bus then that's alright.

Now in my third year of car pooling with 3 (previously 2) other neighbours since our kids started primary school about 10km away.

Having seen how some transporters drive, plus kids with no seatbelts in schools buses, we felt the safest (as well as cheapest) option was to carpool amongst ourselves.

We've each done 2-4 trips out of 10 over the years and it's been so much easier. Kids have bonded more and more, too, and we've also gotten to know each others kids better as a result, plus they're closer to all of us :-) Win-win!

This can be promising but most of us  end up using Grab for services .Where can such a service be accessed. It depends on effectiveness of our networking otherwise it is not a common phenomenon here. In KL , most of us travel is about either the MRT , LRT or GRAB cars..

I’ve got 2 cars!


Carpooling is really an excellent way to share cost and save environment. Unfortunately in Malaysia, I don’t think it’s prevalent. People still prefer to use individual cars and there doesn’t seem to be a system or an app that can help in carpooling. But frankly looking at the no. of cars on the highway during the morning and evening hours moving towards and away from city centre, I really see a lot of potential. May be low fuel cost doesn’t make it exciting enough

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