Seeking Advice on Driving in Malaysia with an Indian License

I am reaching out to seek your advice regarding driving in Malaysia with my Indian driving license. I currently hold a valid Indian driving license for both a motorcycle and a car, along with a Driving License Extract that has been signed by the RTO.

I recently visited the JPJ office in Wangsa Maju, KL, to convert my Indian driving license to a Malaysian one. Since I'm working in Malaysia KL, I was informed by a JPJ officer that I must wait for one year since my Indian driving license is not yet a year old.I have been considering several options after discussing them with friends, but I would greatly appreciate any suggestions from this community.Here are my queries:

1. Is it possible for me to legally drive a motorcycle or car in Malaysia with my current Indian driving license?

2. Should I get my Indian driving license attested by the Indian Embassy?

3. I am contemplating applying for an International Driving Permit (IDP) through one of the following websites:

Has anyone used these services before, and are they recognized by Malaysian authorities?Your insights on this matter would be incredibly helpful.

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Hi Durgesh, my case was similar however got Malaysian Lic within 3 months. Officer from JPJ may be the difference. My view: try with other JPJ. I got it from Shah Alam. Thanks

@anujsgrrits  Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the driving license conversion process. It's encouraging to hear that you were able to obtain your Malaysian license within three months.

I've been informed that for residents in KL, the designated JPJ office is in Wangsa Maju, and there might be restrictions on where one can apply based on their residential address. However, your successful experience at the Shah Alam office offers a new perspective.

Would you mind sharing the list of documents you presented at the Shah Alam JPJ office? Here's what I have prepared so far:

1. JPJ application forms

2. Original driving license

3. Passport

4. Driving License Extract with RTO signature and stamp

5. Employment confirmation letter with company stamp and signature

6. MDEC approval letter

Additionally, was your Indian driving license less than a year old when you applied? Any insights on this would be greatly beneficial.

Thank you once again for your help. Looking forward to your response.

@ndurgesh88, LOD mentioned is good enough. You may require passport size photograph with some background. You may get it instantly there itself in 5 min. Yes, even mine DL was new( certainly less than an year).

I do not think any additional requirements and should be a smooth process @JPJ Shah Alam.

Just to add, I last month I lost my Malaysia DL, and I went to JPJ shah alam. They issued another DL within 10 min..

@anujsgrrits Awesome, thanks so much for sharing I will go to jpj shah alam, if possible could you please provide me the exact address so that i will go early

@anujsgrrits I went to JPJ Shah Alam today and everything went really smoothly. The officers were very helpful and they verified all of my documents. They have entered all my details into the system. I received an acknowledgment slip as well. I'm really grateful for your suggestion to go to JPJ Shah Alam. It made the whole process so much easier.