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So, I recently moved to KL. I've been looking for a place to rent and checked out this partially furnished Master room (need to buy bedding) in a condo called Tiara Faber (located in Taman Desa). I really liked the room but am worried that public transport may be unreliable as there is only one bus (U72) that goes from here to Mid Valley. I will be using public transport to work as I do not have a car. Lots of people have been telling me that buses are not at all reliable in KL. How is the frequency of U72 in general? Is it dependable? Are there other ways I can get to MV from Taman Desa that I am not aware of (Private bus, carpooling, etc)?

There is another studio that I came across in Saville Residence which is walkable to MV (15 mins or so). But, it is around 1600 RM (fully furnished) excluding utilities (more than double the rate of the Tiara Faber master room). Should I go for the Saville one instead as it is easier in terms of transport?

I'm quite confused as I am completely new to Malaysia! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Please consider your work place, is taman desa near to ur work place? Ive been there and yeah no walking distance lrt station. Need to take a bus, or cab.

Agree with Julzrzn.Please consider your work place and then only check what option you have to travel to work.Malaysia public transport is not so good.

I am an avid public transport user. Taman Desa has only one designated bus number that caters the section. It doesn't cover every part of Taman Desa, you need to walk quite a distant to the nearest bus stop at some places. The bus service is good during peak hours and they are almost on time during peak hours (ie 7am to 8am, every 30mins) it goes down hill after that because of the jam in KL Main. Problem with the bus system here is that their last stop is all the way in KL Main and the jam is horrible there, hence the lateness and etc. Between 10-4pm, the bus is more efficient, arriving almost every 30mins interval.

Uber and Grabcar are the better option; cheap and fast in comparison to taxis. Taxi drivers are MOSTLY (not all) selective; they always avoid jam and I don't know why. Just a cocktail of bad attitude and self-entitlement. Very bad image.

Agree with troyventuress as above.

My grandparents were from Taman Desa. They have been there for the most part of  their life before the huge Taman Desa housing development project came about in the 1970's. 

Taman Desa is near to everything !!!.
in my opinion, everywhere in Kuala Lumpur is challenging as far as traffic is concerned and the key to living in Taman Desa is finding out the best time get into KL,  do your work in Kl and get out !!.

I usually advice my friends from abroad, the best time to get in, do their chores in KL and when to get out. The key is working around the Traffic.... :-). Now with uber, grabcab, Taman Desa is one of the best locations to stay. An urban living within the City KL  (sorry guys, I am being so passionate about Taman Desa).

We will be working in axiata tower- kl sentral. Can you recommend the best condo units with bus or lrt that is within our 1500-1700 budget?!?! Thanks guys. You can whatsup me at ***

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Saville Residence has studios for RM1400-1600. Close to Seputeh station and easy access to Sentral