Indian Driving License in Malaysia


Good Evening.
I was informed by a friend that we could use the India Driving License to drive in Malaysia.
So I did not get the International Driving License (IDL) along with me from India.

However, After reaching KL, I have been getting mixed information.
1. Some say only India driving license is ok, to drive in KL
2. Some say you need to have IDL along with your driving license.
3. Some say Indian Driving License needs to be converted to Malaysian driving license.

Any information with some link to verify the details would be helpful.


Hi Azi,

I'm using my Indian Driving License to drive in Malaysia since last 2 years, Touchwood so far no problem. Police also accept it though I don't have idea about insurance claim.

All I did is, got attested it from BLS then I went JPJ office to get it converted to Malaysia license but instead they gave me one paper with JPJ chop on it (Print from JPJ website), which have the country list allowed to drive in Malaysia using their Domestic license.

Make sure your Indian License is card type with Chip and not the booklet type. And can be seen online on your RTO website.

Before this I was using International License from India but most of the time during road blocks it was not accepted by police.

Today I went to JPJ Putrajaya and the guy in the counter said it's not possible to get the letter and I need a International Driving Permit to get the letter from JPJ.I told that guy some people got it earlier but he said not possible now.he said a person need original driving license , attested copy from the embassy and international driving license to get the letter from the JPJ.Can you please send the letter so I can check with them?

If any other options please let me know

Thanks pp14 :)

@sarfudeenabdulkader, did u check with them if one can drive with local indian driving license.
What letter did u go to get.

I understood if u have a indian local driving licence, you just use that for driving, why attestation or letter?


Some of them are saying that we need the letter with JPJ chop with Indian driving licence and attested copy from the embassy if incase the cop stops you you can show this to them

I have the Indian driving licence and attested copy.
Can I drive with that?

Thank you

hi pp141,
if you could share the pic of,  (Print from JPJ website) paper that was handed to you would be helpful.

Hi pp141,

It would be helpful if you could share a pic of the jpj print that you have mentioned above.
If you could share it as private message.


Can you please let me know some information regard IDP. I have Indian license with me

@pp141 - i have a India Driving license valid through Sept 2023 and checked with BLS to get that attested. However they are not sure about using the same for driving. I see your note stating that the attestation would work. May i request to know the letter from JPJ which i can use for driving. Was this letter issued when you converted your India license to MY license? Is this conversion compulsory or what's best to drive here.

Am sure this note is reaching you after 3 years and rules may have changes - i will need your help incase you have any updates.

thanks in advance and i look forward to your response.

Hello pen2punita,

I don't think that you will receive any answer from pp141 since this member is no longer active.

However, I hope that other members can help you.

In case you fail to find the information that you need, you can create a new discussion on the Malaysia forum for more visibility.


Yoginee team

@pen2punita from what i have heard you need to convert indian license  to Malaysian license and then only you can drive.Indian license  is only valid for 3months from arriving in Malaysia. You can get a DL extract original from your state RTO by help of relative or agent back home and submit it to JPJ along with other documents in person.If successful they will give you an acknowledgement letter and forward your license conversion application  to Putrajaya. You may then keep checking  in their online  portal to know the status of your application  from time to time.For a colleague of mine it took 4 months to get the Malaysian license. Technically  you cannot  use the acknowledgement as a substitute  for the Malaysian  license.

@baaz911 - your response is highly appreciable. Thank you and this was helpful. I approached JPJ and they told me the same. But when I saw the above note, thought a attestation from high commission would help me drive until I get my license converted to Malaysia.

I have to get the extract from India and not sure 🤔. But your answer cleared my doubt.

@pen2punita you are welcome

Just a correction from @baaz911's response. The License Extract can be downloaded from the website itself.

@Manoj Gnanaseelan

hello Manoj, where can I download and would you mind giving me the url and the pathway.

Hi All,

by given options you can opt for driving license.

  1. international driving (By Indian Govt or International driving community )
  2. License conversion in Malaysia (This process takes ~3 months and you should have valid Indian driving license)


Rajat …

Visit this website. Select your state from the drop down list and click on the "DL Extract" service. Fill up the form and download the extract. When you print out the extract make sure the page has the URL of the website from where it was downloaded.

@Manoj Gnanaseelan No actually you cannot download the DL extract online.You can only apply for a DL extract by going to the integrated parivahan website of respective state transport department portal and enter all your details and pay Rs.10 .After this you download the application form and payment receipt and have to in person go to your respective RTO where the DL was issued and then only they will printout your DL extract  and stamp it.

@baaz911 - I beg to differ from your statement. I neither paid any money nor went in person to collect my DL extract. My wife, my friends and I did the same process as downloading the extract from parivaahan website and got our Indian License converted.


I tried online and there is a charge of INR 140 to be paid and there is no way to extract it online.

@Manoj, can you please send me the pathway as I don't see any possibility of downloading from the website.

Even the footnote says that one has to visit the RTO with all originals to be verified in person.

hey nobody is clear in their statement,, im confused regarding the Indian DL,, i have my IDP from Chennai RTO,, but did not attested with any of our govt office,,, do i need to attest here in KL consulate of India ? after where do i need to go ? kindly brief me in this,,,

for the time being can i drive a scooter with my India DL & IDP ?

@rorschach - hey please do not visit BTS consular for attestation. It's waste of money RM100 for attestation and photos. They provide attestation in the photostat of DL as “True Copy” and they are not sure if we can drive with that copy.

if you have IDP, please visit nearest JPJ and submit for DL conversion and you can drive as its IDP until you get MY license.

hope this helps.

Ok I give you my DL story.

  1. I have a DL in English valid through 2023, and they said I can drive as long as it's English
  2. I bought a car :) and when I went to register the car in my name, I briefly checked if I can drive using the license. It's a big “NO” :(
  3. Then I went to another JPJ to collect the application for MY license.
  4. I was asked if I have IDP and I don't have. but IDP can be used to drive for 3 months.
  5. Collected the forms, waited for 3 hrs and finally I was told that I need a DL extract from India.
  6. my Q to them - “can I drive with the extract until my license is converted”? It's a “YES”
  7. logged into Parivhan website - unfortunately we have to visit our RTO in person and that's not possible. So a 3rd party vendor wanted a letter from my organisation to confirm am an employee - this was done.
  8. with all these actions, i somewhere found that getting attestation from high commission would help.
  9. Visited them, provided all originals, application, paid RM 69 as fees and RM 26 for photos. They gave me attestation in photocopy of my DL after 3days.
  10. Now, am awaiting the DL extract to visit JPJ along with application and the consular attestation copy.
  11. Hope my car will wait for me to see around MY.

so, IDP can be used to drive but ensure to covert it to MY license.

For anyone who think a normal Indian DL would work, it's a NO.

am going to JPJ with the attested copy to check again, will update you guys.

Until I got my Indian license converted to Malaysia license, I was driving with IDP and it is accepted. I have been caught by police many times and they were okay with the IDP. I also use the same to drive rental car SOCAR as they don't accept Probationary License.

For those who are not aware of Probationary License, when Indian License is converted to Malaysia License they will issue a Probationary Driving License. After 2 years of its expiration it will be converted to Competent Driving License (CDL). When you have PDL, you have to stick a 'P' sticker in your vehicle, be it Car or Motorbike.

@pen2punita so here's  an update. I got my Malaysian DL with P about 2 weeks back. I even got an email  updating me of my application  status. Visited the JPJ and the lady at counter was very  courteous. Just checked the acknowledgement  and made me wait 10 mins after that got my license  from another  counter after submitting  RM 140 and white background  photo. I did not get any Indian HC attestation and as far as i can tell you only need DL extract original, 2 forms, Passport original, DL original and the name must be exactly same on both passport and DL  as in given and surname.

@baaz911 Great Congratulations !! in how many days you got the license ?

@baaz911 how long did it take to get your P license?

Also, we're you driving before that?

I got my Malaysian  license application  approval after a week of submission.

Can I go to putrajaya JPJ HQ for the license conversion instead of wangsa maju? Please advise. I live in cyberjaya so it will be close from my home location. Thanks.

@Deb12345 you can go to any JpJ whichever is close to your location.

@pen2punita Thank you so much.


why make it more difficult than already is.

go through their website and print the part that lists all countries accepted.

use your own country's license and ensure it's valid and not expired. Convert if you need to stay longer.

P/S - If you go ask 3 persons in same counter in Malaysia you will definitely get 3 different answers ( which may turn out all incorrect!! -  my experience!!

Documents required for application

-Passport & visa copy +Original(Visa validity should be above 3 months and visa category should be 2 or 1)

-DL copy + Original

-Confirmation Letter of employment(If job contract then need to provide latest one else can request HR to provide)

-2 JPJ application forms(can get from JPJ office. Online not sure if have or not)

-DL extract original from RTO(Online copy/scanned copy not accepted)

If above documents are there then only JPJ will accept the application for processing.

They will provide an acknowledgement receipt using which we can trace application status online.

Friends, I finally got my Probationary license yesterday.

For me, it took exactly 35days to get approved and I assume it's because of festival season.

Anyone who wants to convert, please go with original DL extract from your respective state. It won't work without that.

Happy driving!

Hey pen2punita,

That's very nice. Congrats!1f609.svg

Thank you for sharing this with us.

We wish you all the best.


Cheryl team

@babajub if in Indian Driving license extract any record of suspension of 3 months ...will there be a problem in conversion of license to Malaysia license?


Hi Ahmed.

So far I have not come across any of my friends who applied with history of license suspension in extract .

You can go ahead and submit if the license and DL extract is original and see if can get approved.

@Manoj Gnanaseelan Hi Manoj can you share the process as the website is mentioning that the DL will be sent to my local address in India.

Your assistance will be helpful/

@dhawalj I think the process has gone lot more changes since I got my license converted. It is almost 2 years.

@babjub and @pen2punita I would request to guide @dhawalj with latest process