Indian Driving License in Malaysia


Good Evening.
I was informed by a friend that we could use the India Driving License to drive in Malaysia.
So I did not get the International Driving License (IDL) along with me from India.

However, After reaching KL, I have been getting mixed information.
1. Some say only India driving license is ok, to drive in KL
2. Some say you need to have IDL along with your driving license.
3. Some say Indian Driving License needs to be converted to Malaysian driving license.

Any information with some link to verify the details would be helpful.


Hi Azi,

I'm using my Indian Driving License to drive in Malaysia since last 2 years, Touchwood so far no problem. Police also accept it though I don't have idea about insurance claim.

All I did is, got attested it from BLS then I went JPJ office to get it converted to Malaysia license but instead they gave me one paper with JPJ chop on it (Print from JPJ website), which have the country list allowed to drive in Malaysia using their Domestic license.

Make sure your Indian License is card type with Chip and not the booklet type. And can be seen online on your RTO website.

Before this I was using International License from India but most of the time during road blocks it was not accepted by police.

Today I went to JPJ Putrajaya and the guy in the counter said it's not possible to get the letter and I need a International Driving Permit to get the letter from JPJ.I told that guy some people got it earlier but he said not possible now.he said a person need original driving license , attested copy from the embassy and international driving license to get the letter from the JPJ.Can you please send the letter so I can check with them?

If any other options please let me know

Thanks pp14 :)

[at]sarfudeenabdulkader, did u check with them if one can drive with local indian driving license.
What letter did u go to get.

I understood if u have a indian local driving licence, you just use that for driving, why attestation or letter?


Some of them are saying that we need the letter with JPJ chop with Indian driving licence and attested copy from the embassy if incase the cop stops you you can show this to them

I have the Indian driving licence and attested copy.
Can I drive with that?

Thank you

hi pp141,
if you could share the pic of,  (Print from JPJ website) paper that was handed to you would be helpful.

Hi pp141,

It would be helpful if you could share a pic of the jpj print that you have mentioned above.
If you could share it as private message.


Can you please let me know some information regard IDP. I have Indian license with me

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